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iPhone with bright green spot or stripe on the screen. Causes and Resolution

iPhone are among the most stable smartphones on the market, primarily thanks to the iOS operating system that is designed specifically for them.
However they are owners of iPhone who had problems with the devices, either due to mechanical shocks or due to iOS bugs.

A problem encountered (fortunately not very often) at iPhone are green spots or stripes that appear on the screen. They have a bright green appearance, which often indicates a hardware problem caused by a shock.

iPhone Green Screen Spot / Stripe
iPhone Green Screen Spot / Stripe

Why do these appear green spots / green lines pe display iPhone and how can we get rid of them?

Compared to "Green Screen of Death”When full screen iPhone it turns green, and most of the time the problem is solved by a restart of the device or by a total reset of the iPhone, "Green Spot / Stripe”Is a bright green spot, present in different areas of the screen.

As can be seen in the two images above, the bright green line on a screen iPhone X it got bigger and got brighter and brighter.

Most often, this green line on the display appears as a result of a mechanical shockIf iPhone he was hit in that area, left a heavy object on it or was escaped on foot, on a hard surface. The solution is of course changing the screen iPhone, an operation that I recommend to be done only in an authorized service Apple, even if the costs are a little higher than for a regular or clandestine service.

In very rare cases these bright green spots on the display iPhone occur as a result of a bug or software error. The best test to see if it is a hardware problem of the display or is a software error, restart iPhone (power off / power on), and if the green spot does not appear during startup (on the screen where the apple / logo appears Apple on a black background) means you are lucky. Most likely it is a software error.

iPhone with bright green spot or stripe on the screen. Causes and Resolution

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