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iPhone stolen or lost? Find out how you can recover it very easily

Stealing an object from us is a very unpleasant situation, especially if we are talking about an expensive device on which we have stored pictures and personal information.

The high price of iPhone makes them among the most hunted devices by thieves and there are many who woke up with the stolen phone from your pocket, from your car, from your bag or from the restaurant table.

Before you get into such a situation it is good to know that the devices iPhone they have a few technologies and services through which they can be recovered in case of theft or loss. Everything is for these features to be active on iPhone, so that if it is stolen or lost, you have a good chance of recovery, even if after it was stolen iPhonewas closed.

A older article I wrote about the application "Find My“. From then until today, the application "Find My”Through which we can permanently locate our devices, those of family and friends who have chosen to share the location with us, has evolved a lot. With the development of iOS and new ones chips dedicated to location services (U1 chip) on iPhone 11 si iPhone 12, we can find out where a iPhone even if it has been closed and the phone number has been changed on him.

What services should we have enabled on iPhone to be able to locate it if we lose it or it is stolen.

The service "Find My iPhone" must be activated first of all, with all its suite of options. It is absolutely necessary because iPhone to be able to be located by other family members, on other devices you have the same account on iCloud present and on iPhonelost from any PC accessing iCloud. Com.

Activating the service "Find My iPhone"It's very simple from"Settings”→ we click on personal account (first option) → “Find My".

The "Find My iPhone"We have three options, all important for locating the device. “Find My iPhone","Find My network"And"Send Last Location".

"Find My iPhone"Allows us to locate, block or delete data from iPhone from a distance. This service is useful in a scenario where a iPhone lost or stolen is still on.

"Find My network”Misleads many users. It is not an option to find a network of your own but a network created by Apple for all devices that support location service.
In the scenario where you were stolen a iPhone, and it is closed (offline), "Find My network ”will automatically connect in the background to others iPhone from the proximity through which the location will be made. This network of Apple it is encrypted and anonymous.

"Send Last LocationWill automatically send the location before iPhone to shut down when it runs out of battery.

How do we locate a iPhone lost or stolen? 

First of all we need to have quick access to the device of a family member or friend with whom I shared the location. From the application "Find My"We can locate iPhonethe lost, We can activates alert sound on him, we can put in "lost" mode (Mark As Lost) or we can delete all data on it.

The "Notify When Found" notification option will automatically send a location notification when iPhone is online.

If we don't have the location iPhone shared with anyone, we can locate it from the application Find My on MacBook, theMac or iPad. The condition is that on these devices we have connected the same account iCloud.
Another option is to go to a PC and open it (Saude on any mobile phone. It can also be Android).

Pe we connect with our account iCloud and select the device we want to locate.

Once the device is selected, we have the possibility to activate the alert on it, to block it or to delete all the data on it.

In case of theft of a iPhone, it is recommended to contact the authorities immediately. which can legally solve this problem and which in addition to the location services on iPhone they also have other tools, techniques that lead to the recovery of the stolen device.

Through the service and the application "Find My”Can also be located: iMac, MacBook, AirPods, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and other compatible devices.

iPhone stolen or lost? Find out how you can recover it very easily

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