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How to activate or deactivate Limit IP Address Tracking for Mac connections

At WWDC 2021, Apple has launched iCloud+ cu Limit IP Address Tracking. A feature of confidentiality si protecting the identity of users in front of online activity tracking trackers (advertising trackers) on Safari si Mail.

iCloud Private Relay hides the real IP and keeps the activity on websites private when the user browses the Internet with Safari. Same function anonymizes the user's IP and in application Mail.
When we receive a picture in the signature or in an advertising message by email, it is very likely that the picture is served from a remote server by means of an HTML code. Code that may also contain a script to track the activity of the person who opens the message. The time when the message was opened and the IP from which the image was downloaded.
In addition, iCloud Private Relay encrypts all data traffic between the user and the server on which the accessed website is hosted.

What is a Limit IP Address Tracking?

In order for the Private Relay function to be active in Safari and the Mail application, Internet connection of device users Apple is configured for Limit IP Address Tracking. No matter that we are talking about a connection Wi-Fi or Ethernet (by cable)

Limit IP Address Tracking it is to hide the IP from the known trackers in Mail and Safari. However, there are websites that might not work normally if this connection feature is active on the Mac. For this reason you may want to disable completely Limit IP Address Tracking on Mac.

How to activate or deactivate Limit IP Address Tracking on Mac

Limit IP Address Tracking it is available for both Wi-Fi and ethernet connections, and deactivation can be done for each type of connection separately.

Enable or disable it is done from the settings of each connection. If you have several Wi-Fi networks in your home or office, you can choose to have this feature active or inactive only for certain connections. You can do the same if you have a router that supports two frequencies. You can choose to be active on 5GHz Limit IP Address Tracking, while on 2.4GHz the feature should be disabled.

Pe macOS Ventura, Go to System SettingsWi-Fi. From the list of wireless networks, move the cursor over the network for which we want to activate or deactivate Limit IP Address Tracking, then on the circle with the three dots we go to "Network Settings". For the network to which we are already connected, click on "Details".

Limit IP Address Tracking
Limit IP Address Tracking

Once this feature is disabled for a wireless or ethernet connection, the service iCloud Private Relay it will no longer be available when browsing the Internet with Safari, nor for the Mail application.

Private Relay is either not supported by this network or Limit IP Address Tracking has been turned off in Wi-Fi Settings. When Private Relay is off, this network can monitor your internet activity, and your IP address will not be hidden from known trackers or websites.

iCloud Private Relay it is still in the Beta development phase, although it is almost 1 year since its launch.

How to activate or deactivate Limit IP Address Tracking for Mac connections

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