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Low Brightness Windows 10 / Boot Camp MacBook Pro [How To Fix]

About how can we disable the automatic setting of the screen brightness of a Mac according to ambient light, I spoke and I showed this in an article written some time ago. How to turn off the automatic brightness switch on macOS.

Past days I installed a Windows 10 in Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro with "master" operating system macOS Mojave. For the job to be "beta" until the end, through Boot Camp I came up with Windows 10 RedStone 5. Of course we are talking about a Mac dedicated to OS testing and beta applications.

After installing the operating system Windows NOT ON Mac, the first thing that upset us was poor screen brightness. That's when the light was on maximum value. At least that's what the light control panel says.

How can we increase the intensity of the screen light (brightness) on Windows 10 / Boot Camp

Even if the brightness is given at maximum value, by activating the intensity control function depending on the ambient light, Windows 10 does not allow the display to increase up to 100%. In order to avoid this inconvenience and to obtain a high brightness, the only option is to deactivate the function "Change brightness automatically when lighting changes".

You can do this from "Settings”→“Display”→“Brightness and color".

After unchecking this function, the "Change brightness" bar allows you to increase the intensity of the display light on a PC / laptop with Windows 10.

Low Brightness Windows 10 / Boot Camp MacBook Pro [How To Fix]

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