My Photo Stream - What It Is And How It Can Be Used On macOSIOS, iPadOS and tvOS

Limited storage space will remain one of the biggest problems of iPhone, iPad and iPhone owners for a long time Mac. In addition to applications and games, photos and videos taken with iPhone occupies significant storage space.
Fortunately, Apple provides storage space in iCloud for pictures and videos captured with iPhone or iPad. The upload in cloud it is done automatically, conditioned only by an internet connection, and the synchronization is done automatically on all idevices where the same account is logged in Apple iCloud.

In the times when iCloud it wasn't very popular, Apple introduced on iPhone, iPad and Mac the service "My Photo Stream"As part of the application Photos. A service that once activated will put you in a kind of cloud, maximum 1.000 pictures, for 30 days. No video. No more the latest 1.000 pictures. The oldest 30 days will be deleted automatically, while the latest 1.000 will be deleted automatically sync on all devices that the option "My Photo Stream” is activated. They will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.
It is important to know that the pictures in My Photo Stream are a copy of those in the photo gallery of the application Photos. Those will not be affected by automatic deletion if they are older than 30 days or are not found in the most recent 1.000 pictures.

My Photo Stream occupies the storage space on the device but does not count against the space offered by the service iCloud.

How to activate "My Photo Stream" on iPhone, iPad or macOS

If you have saved photos and videos in iCloud Photos, stream activation "My Photo Stream"It's useless.

Enable My Photo Stream on iOS / iPadOS

1. We're going iPhone or iPad in "Settings"→ we run to the application"Photos".

2. Activate the option "My Photo Stream"

My Photo Stream - What It Is And How It Can Be Used On macOSIOS, iPadOS and tvOS

Once activated, photos captured with iPhone or iPad will also be uploaded in this stream and will be available on other idevices with the active option. Of course, it should be the same account Apple logged.

Activate My Photo Stream on macOS

For macOS is the same as simmore to activate the photo stream.

1. Open the application "Photos"And we go to"Preferences".

2. Check the “My Photo Stream” option.

My Photo Stream - What It Is And How It Can Be Used On macOSIOS, iPadOS and tvOS

This option will not be visible if we have iCloud Picture Library activated.

Deleting a photo from the Photo Stream gallery will automatically remove it from all devices on which this service is active.

My Photo Stream usage scenario

The option is very useful in various scenarios, for those who have multiple devices Apple. Let's take the scenario we have un iPhone and a Mac.
on iPhone we have activated the option "iCloud Photos”(Which will automatically climb into iCloud all photos and videos present in the application Photos) and the service “My Photo Stream".
Pe Mac, we do not want to have the option active "iCloud Photos", but we want the most recent 1.000 photos taken with the iPhone to be automatically synchronized. Not older than 30 days.
In this scenario, enable the "My Photo Stream" option on iPhone si Mac it is very useful. Pictures will be automatically present on Mac, from where they can be exported to hardware or imported into a local gallery of the Photo application, where there will be no limit of 1.000 files and no period of 30 days.

My Photo Stream - What It Is And How It Can Be Used On macOSIOS, iPadOS and tvOS

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