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Safari iCloud Tabs Not Sync - iPad, iPhone, MacBook, theMac

One of the key features of Apple it consists in the rapid synchronization and pairing between all the idevices in the ecosystem. We all know how easy it is to tie headphones AirPods la iPhone and how easily we can switch their connection to MacBook Pro, iPad or iMac. We know how easily we can "take" an open application from one device to another, byHandoff”And how easily we switch a voice call from one device to another, without having to interrupt it.

Synchronizing data from applications developed by Apple, however, left much to be desired. It was some time ago a period in which the memntoures in the application Reminders did not sync on all devices, notes from Notes application they appeared late or incomplete, and the synchronization of tabs opened in Safari, suffers even today. Specifically, if you have multiple devices Apple connected to the same account iCloud and with Safari sync enabled, tabs open on one idevice should be visible in a separate list on the other idevices as well. Very useful option for continuing to browse the internet from another idevice.

So if you have web pages open in Safari on iMac, they can be accessed at any time from a MacBook, iPad or iPhone.

With the launch of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, many users complain that tabs opened in Safari no longer sync between idevices.

How to solve the problem of synchronizing open tabs in Safari on iPhone, theMac, iPad or MacBook

First of all, you need to make sure that all the devices Apple have the latest version of the operating system. For iPad si iPhone, check if you have the latest version of iOS / iPadOS in "Settings”→“General”→“software Update“. Users of iMac si MacBook, open "System Preferences”→“software Update".

After making sure we have the latest version of OS on all idevice, we check if it is authenticated the same account of iCloud on all and if Safari sync is on. Attention, Safari synchronization involves besides tabs and browsing history (history), favorites, bookmarks, reading list.
Check Safari sync in iCloud. If this was enabled and the tabs weren't syncing, we will disable it from all devices.

We do this from "Settings”→“Apple ID”→“iCloud".

Once Safari sync is turned off, close all idevices. Restart them after a few seconds, then re-enable Safari sync in iCloud. Everything should return to normal after this step.

However, I noticed that this problem is also caused by a bug Apple. If one of the devices does not support the latest operating system, Safari tab synchronization will no longer work on any device. For example, if you have a iPhone with iOS 14.x, iPad cu iPadOS 14.x, iMac cu macOS Big Sur and a MacBook cu macOS Catalina on the latter it is good to permanently disable Safari synchronization in iCloud. After disabling the one with the older operating system, close the others and restart them.

It is very possible that in the next iOS update, iPadOS yes macOS, Apple to solve this problem for older versions as well.

Safari iCloud Tabs Not Sync - iPad, iPhone, MacBook, theMac

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