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[Connecting Whats] WhatsApp Messenger Not Work? How To Solve

There is no need to say how important the application has become WhatsApp for users. Originally launched as a alternative for SMS, used in the early years by a small number of users, WhatsApp Messenger has reached the end of 2017 over 1 billion users from 180 countries.
The application captures sending and receiving text messages, media content (pictures, videos), files, documents, locations, voice and video calls. Everything in a secure system designed to protect data sharing between conversation partners.

Addiction to WhatsApp Messenger makes us hesitate a little and we ask ourselves questions when it does not work. Especially when we have to send or receive important messages or documents.

Notifications that “Swipe to close WhatsApp can prevent you from receiving notifications"(details here) and "Please Launch WhatsApp to receive messages"(details here) make us wonder what changes have occurred at WhatsApp and if the application still works normally.
These two notifications should not worry us. The only real problem is when the status appears "Connecting ...”In the top bar of the application. This is a sign that the application can not connect to the Internet or another appeared connection problem.

Why does WhatsApp Messenger no longer connect to the Internet and how can we solve the problem

Our tests were done on iPhone (iOS), but the same causes are also present Android or Windows Phone Number.

If the WhatsApp application no longer connects to the Internet, it is obvious that you can no longer send and receive messages from friends and partners. At the top of the application will appear the status "Connecting" which indicates that the application is not connected but that this is being tried.

First you have to consider whether your smartphone is connected to the internet. If you use a Wi-Fi wireless connection, check if the router you are connected to has internet. It happens quite often that a fixed Wi-Fi connection is indicated on the phone, but it is not verified whether the network we are connected to has an internet connection.
open Chrome or Safari pe iPhone and see if you can access any website. iHowTo.Tips e.g. Check the wireless router's internet connection if this site can not be accessed.

The 4G / LTE connections are pretty stable and it's rare to be able to connect to WhatsApp from the mobile internet network. Especially if you have a good signal on 4G. However, you can check the status of the connection in the same way as with a Wi-Fi connection. I am dedicated applications to check your Internet connection.
Another cause of which WhatsApp can not connect to 4G is the reluctance of the telephone operator. This restriction may occur after a suspended subscription for inaccurate invoice payment or for exceeding data traffic included in the subscription.

If you have a stable Internet connection and the WhatsApp Messenger app still can not connect, it's very likely to be a the problem with Servers on which WhatsApp works.
In this situation, the user has little to do but to wait for the team to develop and maintain the application will solve the problem.
Connection problems occur especially when a large volume of messages is sent to WhatsApp. For example, on the night of the passing of the year. New Year's Eve was the last time we identified connection issues for the WhatsApp application.

[Connecting Whats] WhatsApp Messenger Not Work? How To Solve

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