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Orange #stamacasa and VDF #StamAcasa - New names of Orange and Vodafone mobile networks

Despite the messages released by the authorities, there are still many people who do not realize that these days social distancing, self-isolation si the state as much as possible in the house they are the only weapons against the spread of coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2 / COVID-19).

The main telecommunications operators are also launching a message with "high coverage". Vodafone si Orange they changed their network names to "VDF #StamAcasa"And"Orange #stamacasa"

In addition, the Orange operator also offers 50 GB internet traffic customers PrePay si subscribers who have a mobile voice card. All that every Orange client, individual, has to do is access the Orange account from the application My Orange or from the operator's website and choose bonus activation for the subscription number or telephone numbers.

For legal entities, the bonus can be activated on all mobile voice and data numbers, by the account administrator.

50 GB bonus is valid during the period March 20 2020April 30 2020.

Lately, since more and more people have chosen self-isolation, Internet traffic it has grown enormously. The EU reports an increase of almost 50% over a normal period.

Stay at home & stay safe!

Orange #stamacasa and VDF #StamAcasa - New names of Orange and Vodafone mobile networks

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