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WhatsApp - New Voice Messages Options

Voice Messages is an option on many chat systems. From imessages, Facebook Messenger and up to WhatsApp, the microphone button is in the text field.

Voice Messages is used to send voice messages (audio recordings) of the conversation partners, which they can listen to at any time.

In current version a WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone and Android, the option can be used by pressing and holding the microphone button until the recording is complete.

In the near future, Facebook, a company that owns WhatsApp, plans to add a new option that will allow its user record voice messages without being forced to hold the "microphone" button. All you have to do is press the voice recorder button and make one swipe from bottom to top to block the option. "Slide to lock". While recording the voice message, it will be able to navigate through the conversation without the recording being stopped.

At this time, this feature is only available to developers, but in the near future, all WhatsApp users will benefit from the new option.

WhatsApp - New Voice Messages Options

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