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Enable / Disable Low Power Mode on MacBook (macOS Monterey) and iPad (iPadOS 15)

Starting with iOS 11, Apple introduced "Low Power Mode" for iPhone. A function that once activated stops the insignificant services of the operating system and considerably increases the working time. "Background App Refresh", downloading emails, automatic updates of applications (via the App Store) and the operating system are disabled. In addition, while "Low Power Mode" is active, some visual effects will disappear.

In exchange for these items, the working time of a battery iPhone is increased by 3-4 hours. A good option to activate when we are in areas where we have to spend more time and we have no charging source.

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With iPadOS 15 si macOS Monterey (12), the option "Low Power Mode”Is present on iPad si MacBook.
I discovered the "Low Power Mode" option by mistake while working on a MacBook Pro that I have macOS Monterey Beta. The big surprise was to find out that besides that increased the battery life by more than 4 hours, I did not see a big degradation of performance. It should be mentioned, however, that I worked during this period with: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Terminal, Nova, Transmit, Notes and Mail. Applications that were often opened simultaneously during work.

What does the "Low Power Mode" option do macOS Monterey and how to activate it MacBook?

Apple did not think only of increasing the operating time and battery life on MacBook, but also to reduce energy consumption. Such as Low Power Mode on MacBook it can be activated both when using it on battery (Battery) as well as when connected to the power supply (Power Adapter). The function optimizes performance, and the fact that it tells us "more quietly"It makes me think that the CPU (Intel) is running at a low capacity. Which isn't bad at all, especially since as I said above, I didn't feel any significant decrease in performance as I actually worked on it.

Activating “Low Power Mode” on MacBook can only be done from now on "System Preferences”→“Battery“. Most likely a shortcut will be added in "control Center”Until the release date of the final version macOS Monterey.

Low Power Mode / Battery: “Your Mac will optimize performance to reduce energy consumption, increase battery life, and operate more quietly. ”

Low Power Mode / Power Adapter: “Your Mac will optimize performance to reduce energy consumption and operate more quietly. ”

I don't know how useful "low power mode" is when MacBook it is plugged in, but for when it's on battery, I recommend it. It grows quite a lot.

“Low Power Mode” on iPadOS - How to enable "Low Power Mode" on iPad?

Pe iPadOS 15, "Low Power Mode" do the same thing as iPhone. Disable background activities, stop downloading email messages (notifications are not affected) and suspend some visual effects.

If the macOS Monterey, “Low Power Mode” is not available in “Control Center”, on iPadThe OS option is available in settings. It only needs to be activated from "Settings”→“ Control Center ”. Here we change "Low Power Mode" to the "Included Controls" list.


Enable / Disable Low Power Mode on MacBook (macOS Monterey) and iPad (iPadOS 15)

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