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WhatsApp Official App for iPad and Mac - Independence of the iPhone or Android app

We all know the application WhatsApp was bought by Facebook at the beginning of 2014, for no more, no less than 19 billion.

Although everyone was expecting the app to change radically after it was taken over by Facebook, WhatsApp has not brought much news in recent years. More than one feature exchange between Facebook Messenger si WhatsApp Messenger, great thing did not happen. And we do not say it would be a bad thing. Perhaps sometimes it is good not to try very hard to deplore an application. There were others, like Yahoo !, who developed a messenger application until they closed it all.

Returning to WhatsApp, the service is offered natively for Android and iPhone mobile phones. IPad, Mac or PC users can use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp applications for Mac and Windows, but they will not work if the mobile phone or iPhone is not around and / or is not connected to the internet. Basically, when we open WhatsApp on Mac, that app only uses an API to the iPhone app. If we close the iPhone all the way or we do not have Internet on it, the WhatsApp application on Mac can no longer be used. For those who want WhatsApp on iPad, is even more complicated. A WhatsApp iPad app does not exist. But there is a web version that can be accessed from the iPad. The condition is the same. Scan QR code with WhatsApp on iPhone or Android, and maintained an internet connection on your mobile device.

Another inconvenience is that the application WhatsApp on iPhone can only send data to a single device. So you will not be able to use both WhatsApp and iPad on Mac simultaneously.

The good news is that from what they hear, one is working major update of WhatsApp platform. It will move to a similar platform Messages (iMessages) of Apple, allowing WhatsApp to run independently with the same account on multiple devices. This would automatically mean you will not need to have your iPhone around or connected to the internet when you open the WhatsApp app on your Mac or iPad. Ah. Sure. Neither the iPhone battery will be a problem when you're talking about WhatsApp on your macOS app. That's what I think is the biggest inconvenience for us right now. Let's not have a talk on WhatsApp on Mac because we do not have a battery on the iPhone.

With the launch of this multi-platform WhatsApp service, it looks like it will finally launch a Official WhatsApp Application for iPad. Of course, the new application will be designed directly for the new operating system iPadOS, which will replace iOS on all iPad devices since the fall of this year.

A problem that should not be overlooked will be the encryption system after switching to multi-platform. Nowadays, WhatsApp uses an encryption key for each chat, but with switching to the multi-platform, it will most likely move to a single key end-to-end encryption per device, as Apple currently uses for Messages.

It remains to be seen how the development of the WhatsApp service and platform will evolve, especially as at the beginning of this year, the rumor that WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram will be united in a single chat service.

WhatsApp Official App for iPad and Mac - Independence of the iPhone or Android app

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