What will be the price of an iPhone 15?

Most likely, on September 12, 2023, the event where Apple presents the new iPhone models will take place, and one of the first questions from iPhone fans is "What will be the price of an iPhone 15?" and what it will bring in addition compared to previous models, to which, let's be honest, Apple hasn't brought substantial upgrades.

In recent years, the company Apple kept prices unchanged for iPhone devices, so from iPhone X, the starting price remained $999 for the model in the range "Pro” with the smallest storage capacity. The lack of the power supply and the audio headphones in the iPhone package were most likely part of the strategy Apple for aa does not cross the psychological threshold of $1000 for iPhone Pro.

iPhone 15 Series Features

From what we know and what rumors exist so far, the devices iPhone 15 they will have the same as the previous models, o 6.1-inch diagonal, and the larger models, iPhone 15 Plus, will have around 6.7-in. As an absolute novelty, "Dynamic Island” will be present on all models in the series iPhone 15. So that the famous "notch” appeared with the models iPhone X, becomes history.

So as far as the screen goes, it most likely won't be a factor influencing the price of one iPhone 15.

Going by the idea of ​​an action button like the one present at Apple Watch Ultra, it is quite possible that on the new generation iPhone 15, Apple to give up after many years the button of "Mute / Silent". This mechanical button will be replaced with a shortcut button that the user can customize.

What will be the price of a iPhone 15
What will be the price of a iPhone 15

Another novelty is the presence USB-C for all models iPhone 15. Forced by the European Union to give up the famous port Lightning for charging and data transfer, it seems that this change will be made for all devices, regardless of whether they are marketed in the European Union or in other countries.

Current rumors suggest that in the package iPhone 15 will be a cable USB 2.0, which means that if users want a transfer speed higher than 480 Mbps, they will need to buy a cable USB-C more performant (Thunderbolt or USB4).

What will be the price of an iPhone 15?

The year 2023 has brought with it price increases in all branches of industries globally, which is very possible that Apple to launch iPhone at a higher price than what we have been used to in recent years. So the cheapest model iPhone 15 will cost $799, while the price for iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB / 2TB to be $1,799.

Price list iPhone 15

For each model, the price of one iPhone 15 varies by storage capacity. Apparently, iPhone 15 Pro Max it will initially have a maximum capacity of 2TB.

iPhone 15 – 128GB > $799
iPhone 15 – 256GB > $899
iPhone 15 – 512GB > $1,099
iPhone 15 Plus – 128GB > $899
iPhone 15 Plus – 256GB > $999
iPhone 15 Plus – 512GB > $1,199

Simhilarious with the high-end models iPhone 14 Pro from last year, iPhone 15 Pro it's a 6,1-inch device, and iPhone 15 Pro Max it will be a 6,7-inch device. As a novelty, Apple it will introduce the titanium case instead of the stainless steel one, and apparently the bezels will have thinner bezels.

It is not clear at the moment if the minimum storage capacity for the cheapest model iPhone 15 Pro it will be 128GB or 256GB, which will certainly bring changes in the price of one iPhone 15.

Price list iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro – 128GB/256GB > $1,099 / $1,199
iPhone 15 Pro – 256GB/512GB > $1,199 / $1,299
iPhone 15 Pro – 512GB/1TB > $1,399 / $1,499
iPhone 15 Pro – 1TB/2TB > $1,599 / $1,699
iPhone 15 Pro Max – 128GB/256GB > $1,199 / $1,299
iPhone 15 Pro Max – 256GB/512GB > $1,299 / $1,399
iPhone 15 Pro Max – 512GB/1TB > $1,499 / $1,599
iPhone 15 Pro Max – 1TB/2TB > $1,699 / $1,799

All models iPhone 15 they will come with the new one iOS 17.

What will be the price of an iPhone 15?

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