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Clipboard Notification in iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 - App pasted from other app

What is a clipboard?
The clipboard is a kind of invisible storage medium, in which there are fragments of text, images or files saved by the user in order to "paste" (paste) in another location. When we copy a text from the site by order (copy) and we want to transfer it to a document (paste), this would not be possible without clipboard. The data present in the clipboard is usually saved in RAM and most of the time it is not stored after restarting the device.
Clipboard is present on all operating systems that offer "copy & paste" options. Linux Windows, iOS, Android, macOS and others.

On the subject of confidentiality data stored in the clipboard there have been discussions over time. Many have accused various software companies of producing applications capable of reading user-saved data on the clipboard when accessing an application.
A clear example are web browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox) which when we have saved a URL (web address), directly gives us the option to "Paste and Go”In the address bar. Or "Paste and Search”When text is present on the clipboard.
This would not be possible if the browser could not see what we have saved on the clipboard.
There is no panic if this data is saved in a proactive way to improve the user experience.

With the launch iOS 14 si iPadOS 14, Apple introduced a banner notification system at the top of the screen, through which the user is notified that the data saved on the clipboard has been "pasted" in the accessed application. This way the user will know every time an application on iPhone or iPad read the idevice clipboard. A clear example is the Facebook application, which reads data from the clipboard only when the user wants to "paste" a text.

"Facebook pasted from Safari".

Regarding eMAG application for iOS and iPadOS, I say without hesitation, that until iOS 14 it still "spied" the data from users' clipboards. After installing iOS 14, every time we access the eMAG application, the notification appears "eMAG pasted from… ”.
As can be seen in the screenshot below, the application eMAG automatically copies data saved to the clipboard from a tokenization application.

In this way, including token codes, passwords or other text fragments that the user did not want to "paste" in the search bar of the application could be retrieved.
With version 3.0.1 of the eMAG application for iOS, this practice was withdrawn, reading the data from the clipboard being sent to the application only when the user wants.

It was known that some advertising networks constantly spy on the user's clipboard. With iOS 14 the user will be notified about this, even if many are a little annoyed by it notification that cannot be disabled.

When should we worry about the "App pasted from App" notification?

When you meet the scenario practiced in the past by eMAG. If the notification appears automatically when you access an application or a website, without you "pasting" in that application.

This feature of iOS 14 is present along with other new privacy controls introduced by Apple to protect the confidentiality of users iPhone si iPad.

Clipboard Notification in iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 - App pasted from other app

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