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How to permanently activate Low Power Mode on iPhone - The battery will last much longer

Despite the spectacular advancement of technologies on smartphones and iPhone, fast battery discharge has remained a problem for all mobile device manufacturers. We will hardly (or not at all) find a smartphone / iPhone top whose battery lasts more than 24 hours in heavy use. Most of the time the battery doesn't last even 12 hours if we run games, video content or video editing applications on iPhone. Not to mention the weak 4G / 3G signal, which is an energy eater.

Apple introduced "Low Power Mode" on iOS in order to increase the period of use of iPhoneWhen battery reaches 20% at capacity.
The mode can be switched on automatically, and will be switched off when iPhone it is charged and the battery reaches 80% of capacity. We will know that this state is active through the yellow indicator of the battery.

This low battery mode stops some iOS services in order to save power. Email fetch, background app refresh, motion visual effects, automatic downloads and photo updates in iCloud Photos are stopped when “Low Power Mode" it is active.

“Low Power Mode” can be turned on / off manually from “Settings”→“Battery”Or from control Center.

If the general state of battery use (Battery Health) is not very good and discharges quickly or if we are away in areas where we will not have nearby power sources, it is good that the energy saving mode is activated even if we have 100% battery. And not to forget to activate "Low Power Mode" or to deactivate it by mistake, the best solution is to automate the permanent activation of this mode.

How to permanently activate "Low Power Mode" on iPhone

Permanent activation of "Low Power Mode" can be done by automating the quick activation command. We use the application Shortcuts a Apple, included by default with iOS 13, we can set a custom automation to activate this mode.

1. open application Shortcuts pe iPhone. If it has been uninstalled, it can be reinstalled from the App Store.

2. Click “Automation"At the bottom, then"Create Personal Automation".

3. In "New Automation"We run to"Low Power Mode”And click on this option.

4. Next, we need to define the automation conditions. Bifam “Is Turned Off”And uncheck the“ Is Turned On ”option, then clickNext".

5. Now set the action to be automated. Click "Add Action" and in the next screen, search for "Low power" and click on the "Set Low Power Mode" option in the list.

6. Once the action is added “Turn Low Power Mode On"Apasam"Next".

7. In the next screen we must be careful that the option "Ask Before Running" not to be active (green). We disable this option.

Once you click "Done", the new automation will be active on iPhone. The module “Low Power Mode”Will be permanently active, whatever the energy value of the battery. Even when this state is manually disabled by the user. It will activate again.

Disabling automation will also be done from the Shortcuts application, by clicking on "When Low Power Mode is turned off"Where to disable"Enable This Automation".

While this mode is active, voice calls will not be affected. video. SMS or received messages on other chat systems.

How to permanently activate Low Power Mode on iPhone - The battery will last much longer

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