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How to disable or enable government alerts (RO-ALERT) on iPhone

Through a GEO of October 5, 2017, it was introduced in Romania population alteration system, E-ALERT. The RO-ALERT system is designed to send Cell Broadcast messages to all mobile phone owners who are in a potentially hazardous area. Terrorist attack, major floods, extreme weather events, fires and other dangerous phenomena. The condition is that the service is activated on the mobile phone.

In the context of the pandemic COVID-2, the RO-ALERT system was used to inform the population about the measures and restrictions imposed by the authorities in the region where the cell broadcast message was issued. Mandatory cleaning of the protective mask in all open spaces, closure of theaters, restaurants, bars, schools and etc. measures.
So far there is no problem. The man receives a message, he gets scared once RO-ALER alarm soundThat it cannot be changed and hears at a fairly high volume even if the phone is on "silent" or "vibrate".
The problem is like a iPhone or smartphone, you receive the same RO-ALERT message four times in three hours. Ok, the authorities want to let us know that we respect the protection measures, but they probably don't know that sending an alert in excess will cause many users to disable these government alerts.

How to disable government alerts (RO-ALERT) on iPhone

1. Go to settings iPhone notifications (Settings →  E-mail Notifications)

2. We run to the bottom, at “Government Alert"Or"E-ALERT".

3. In our scenario we have three types of alerts that can be received. Extreme (Extreme Alerts), alerts sent by the operator (Orange Alerts) and severe alerts (Severe Alerts)

4. Swipe from green to gray to deactivate the service.

Of course, we do not encourage you to disable this service. It also has its utility and there are situations in which it can save your life. That is if the authorities know how to distinguish an "Extreme Alert" from an informative alert.

Author's opinion

As far as I am concerned, so far this service has been used at least… badly by the Romanian authorities. The message should use the cells of mobile operators and issue alerts in a well-established area. I was informed about some smoke emissions following a vegetation fire a few km away (and no, don't think of fires like Australia) and 4 messages in 3 hours, in which I am told to wear a protective mask is mandatory , that schools, bars, restaurants, theaters, etc. are closed in my area. I agree with the measures and respect, but I can not accept another stress free from the authorities.

Emergency Alert should only be used in truly extreme situations, when people's lives are in real danger immediately.

How to disable or enable government alerts (RO-ALERT) on iPhone

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