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How to force updating applications and games in the iOS App Store - Force Updates

It is advisable to keep applications and games on iPhone si iPad updated permanent. Updates mostly bring resolving errors (bugs) present in applications, performance improvements, elements to adapt to new iOS versions or new functions and facilities for users.

In "Settings”→“iTunes & App Store”→“Automatic Downloads"We have the opportunity to choose that applications and games to update automatically. We prefer not to leave the update enabled when we are on the mobile 3G / 4G (Use Cellular Data). Some games or apps may receive updates with a large MB and there is a risk that we will exceed the amount of subscription internet data.

In the above scenario, iPhone or iPad should update applications as soon as they are available. But this is not always the case. The automatic update can start a few days after a new version of a game or application has been released.
Fortunately, we have a very simple way to check in App Store if there are new apps and games updates.

How to check if there are new updates for applications and games - Force Apps & Games Updates

1. open App Store and we go to Updates.

2. In "Updates" we slide over the page from top to bottom to force the application refresh.

If updates are available, it will appear immediately. Update All.



How to force updating applications and games in the iOS App Store - Force Updates

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