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How to install iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Beta Software Program - Test the future iOS of iPhone 12

In the fall of this year, Apple will launch the suite of models iPhone 12, which will come with the latest operating system, iOS 14.
We can intuit from now on that it will be a year with many novelties, in which Apple is looking to redesign both the macOS, iOS, iPadOS operating systems and the future range of devices.
We have already said about the many news brought on iOS 14 in a previous article. The most visible change will be the widgets on the Home Screen and page App Library in which users will find grouped all installed applications, depending on the profile of each. In addition to this visual change, Apple has brought many new features to Home, Messages, Reminders, Voice Memos and others.

Those who have iPhone devices (starting with 6s or newer), can install and test the new iOS 14 operating system. Provided it is agreed that beta versions can be unstable, and until the release of the final version there will be many bugs to fix and new features to bring.

Apple published the first Beta version of iOS 14 intended for the general public. Who wants to install the iOS operating system that will come with iPhone 12, can do so by simply enrolling the device in Apple Software Beta Program.

How can we install iOS 14 Public Beta or iPadOS 14 on iPhone or iPad

The process of enrolling devices in the Apple Beta Software Program is identical for iOS and iPadOS (iPhone and iPad). In the steps below we will show you how to install a Beta profile on your devices to receive operating system updates in the testing phase.

1. Access from the device the link: and sign in with your Apple (iCloud) account.

2. After authentication, in the web page that opens select for which operating system you want to enroll. iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS or watchOS.

3. Roll to the bottom and click on the link "enroll your iOS device", Then on the next page on the button"Download profile"

4. After the “Profile Downloaded” dialog box appears, go to Settings → General → Software Update to install the iOS Beta profile.

5. Click on the newly downloaded profile and start the installation by clicking "Install".

6. After the installation is complete, the iPhone will be restarted.

7. After rebooting, go to Settings → General → Software Update and start the installation for the latest beta version of iOS or iPadOS. As I said earlier, the iPad has the same device enrollment process.

It is not recommended to install a beta version of iOS if you have a service iPhone to use heavily. As I said before, beta versions are generally dedicated to developers and those who want to test, in fact, before a version is released. "Public Beta", Is another for developers. Apple Developer Program.

The "public beta" versions are not delivered to satisfy the curiosities of the impatient, but for the automatic collection of data from the devices on which these versions have been installed. This data contains complete usage reports, performance, interactions with third party applications, errors that may occur in certain usage scenarios and many other information that will be useful to develop the final version.

How to install iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Beta Software Program - Test the future iOS of iPhone 12

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