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How can we decode a free iPhone from Orange (Free Network Unlock iPhone)

Mobile Phones (Smartphones) purchased with subscription from operators mobile phone, most of the time they are blocked in the network. Coded.
This limitation on the use of the network is valid for smartphones and iPhone purchased there special prices, come to the package and with a subscription. Most of the time, the higher price of the subscription decreases from the price of the device. If Orange Romania, there is also a monthly fees through which a device can be purchased. Rates that can be paid with subscription bill.

Those who bought one iPhone the "special price”With a subscription from Orange, they / had the possibility to unlock the terminal at the end of the contractual period, in exchange for the amount of approx 10 Euros. Decoding before the end of the contract period, costs almost 86 Euro, and the process can be done quickly and easily online.

"Unlocking cost information
To unlock this phone you will be charged 410.0 Ron with VAT included which you will pay in the next step with your bank card. "

We also have good news. Starting with the end of February 2020, Owners iPhone can request free unlocking of devices.

How can we decode a free iPhone to Orange (Network Unlock iPhone)

Starting with February 21 2020, customers Orange who choose to install an eSIM profile on the phones iPhone compatible with this technology, benefit from free decoding of the device, no matter how it was purchased.

After installation of the first profile eSIM pe iPhone, the decoding process will be done automatically, without any action from the client. He will receive an SMS informing him of this.

If you have already installed an eSIM profile you will need to go to one Orange Shop or Care Center, where you can request decoding.

terminals iPhone compatible with eSIM technology are: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro si iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Most likely, this policy will also apply to eSIM compatible smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 + 4G, Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 4G, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Fold.

How can we decode a free iPhone from Orange (Free Network Unlock iPhone)

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