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How can we permanently delete photos / videos from iPhone [Delete Photos in iOS]

Every time he is launches a new model of iPhone, one of the features we're interested in is camera performance. How many megapixels does it have, how clear are the pictures at night - in low light, how is the focus and exposure time, etc. elements.
As the cameras iPhone evolved, increased the size of .JPG files (pictures) and implicitly the space occupied on iPhone it was bigger. Some time ago, Apple has adopted its own compression system to reduce the space occupied by pictures on devices, without reducing their quality. About .HEIC (HEIF) and how you can do it conversion from these .HEIC formats to .JPG find details here.

When we go on holidays, at events or have pets we are tempted to we do a lot of pictures and video captures. Possibility to stay no free space on iPhone it's quite large, and the best idea would be to keep only the most successful pictures and videos. The rest of the pictures and videos are good to delete them permanently iPhone.

How to permanently delete pictures and videos from iPhone

1. We open “Photos"And we go to"Albums"(In the menu at the bottom) → then open"All Photos".

In “All Photos”We will find all pictures and videos made both with the native application "Camera" a iPhone as well as with other cameras installed. Also here we will find pictures saved from sites, Facebook, etc. other sources. Note, however, that some "camera" applications may store pictures inside the application.

2. From the gallery “All Photos"We have at least at hand three ways you can delete pictures from iPhone. By two methods we can delete individually (one single shot, one by one) and one method we can select more pictures which we want to delete at the same time. We'll see how can we delete multiple pictures simultaneously from iPhone.
In "All Photos"Click"Select”From the top right corner, then select the photos we want to delete. These will be marked with a check mark on the blue dot. After selection, the "trash can" will appear in the menu at the bottom. The distinctive sign for deletion. Click on it, then confirm the deletion of the files.

After this step, the pictures were deleted, but not permanently. These are still kept on iPhone in a gallery dedicated to deleted files. "Recently Deleted".

In the gallery “Recently Deleted”Pictures and videos deleted from“ All Photos”Will be kept for another 30 days, after which they will be automatically deleted from the device. During this time you can recover them or delete them permanently manually, without having to wait 30 days to recover. automatically wipes out.

3. Just as the pictures to be deleted from the “All Photos", In the same way you can proceed here. Click "Select" on the top right, then the "Delete All" option on the bottom left. After this operation, the photos and videos will be permanently deleted from iPhone without being able to recover them ever.

How can we permanently delete photos / videos from iPhone [Delete Photos in iOS]

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