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Why the iPhone is heating and how we can solve this problem of overheating

iPhone are among the most elegant and stable devices from all points of view and rarely happen to be hardware problems with them or give sudden operating system errors. However, they are not exempt from the problem of heating the iPhone when you are on a call, in a game or an application.
Cu iPhones coming in handy There are many users around the world, and the causes that lead to this problem are manifold.

Causes of overheating iPhone

Most times, an iPhone warms up when it is in a cover of thick material and we were running on it games with high quality graphics or HD videos. They require iPhone resources, including the battery. A case / cover that does not allow the thermal exchange between the iPhone surface and the external environment will have the effect of heating the device. That's why it's good that when playing games with complex graphics to remove the iPhone from the case.
In the above conditions, an important factor is the environmental heat. In summer, when the heat and humidity is high, the device will warm up faster.

There were also surprised users that the iPhone was very hot after it was looked at the sun on the car. In this scenario, it is best to take the iPhone and leave it in a shaded place before using it. In no way do you put it in the fridge. A sudden cooling (thermal shock) could permanently affect its hardware components.

Daca The iPhone warms up when it is charged, you must unplug it immediately from the charging cable. It is very possible that the charger and / or the charging cable are not original or MFI. Damage to the original in time, can lead to heating the iPhone while charging.

What should you do if your iPhone gets hot?

If the iPhone is inexplicably hot and you do not detect the cause, it is best to shut it off for a few minutes (Power Off), then open it again and watch it for a while. It can happen (quite rarely) that the process of an application stays in the background even if the application is apparently closed. This process on iOS may require hardware resources that can overheat the device.

The performance of older iPhones can also be affected by the protective covers that do not allow the thermal transfer between the device and the environment. An operating system iOS updated to date, will ask for more resources on an iPhone launched years ago, although Apple tells us that the device supports the latest software version. In this scenario it is best to remove the iPhone from the case, especially when using it in demanding applications and games.

The heater component of an iPhone is the battery. I said in a previous article that while using Personal Hotspot, the battery life will decrease significantly. So don't panic if the iPhone heats up when Personal Hotspot is activated. Especially if it is in the bag or on hot summer days. If you overheat, turn off Personal Hotspot and all data services for a while. "Airplane mode" and it is good to turn off Bluetooth.

An iPhone can also be heated if the battery is used. Go to "Settings" → "Battery" → "Battery Health" and check its operating status. Use "Peak Performance Capabillity" if recommended in "Battery Health". This feature will cause iOs to require less hardware resources.

An issue that persists despite the above resolutions will be resolved through an Apple authorized service. Most likely the iPhone battery will need to be replaced.

Why the iPhone is heating and how we can solve this problem of overheating

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