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Disable Memoji / Animoji Keyboard on iPhone / iPad / iOS 13.3

We don't know how used they are. "Memoji"And"Animoji", But the personalized emoticons from Apple, brought a plus in communication. Especially with device technologies iPhone X (or newer models), which are able to translate all facial expressions into an animated character. Memoji.

Accessing Memoji / Animoji is made very simple, from the bottom-left of keyboard, when we are in a chat conversation on Messages.

From here you can choose whether you want to send a simple Memoji (which you can customize) or send a Animoji with voice message, which will mimic your face lines and lip movements as you speak.
Those who do not use these graphic means of communication are a little disturbed. Positioning the activation icon at the bottom of the keyboard often causes us to accidentally touch it when we open a chat conversation. Fortunately, once the final version of  iOS 13.3, iconic by animoji /  memoji can be disabled by typing iPhone / iPad.

How to disable the memoji and animoji icon on iPhone or iPad

It is very simple. We go to “Settings”→“General”→“Keyboard", And here at the bottom, we find the deactivation option"Memoji".

Note that this option will not completely disable "Memoji". It will only remove the icon from the bottom of the keyboard.

You can still send "Memoji"Or"Animoji"Using the quick icons in the Messages toolbar".

From unofficial sources, iOS 13.3 will be available to all device users iPhone / iPad compatible in the first half of December. Until then, this option is available on iOS 13.3 Public Beta 3.

Disable Memoji / Animoji Keyboard on iPhone / iPad / iOS 13.3

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