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FaceTime for Android and Windows, SharePlay and many other new options in iOS 15

In the WWDC21 event, Apple announced new features of iOS 15, operating system that will be present on iPhone starting with the fall of this year and which brings some major news and changes.

Among the applications and services developed by Apple for devices in the ecosystem, FaceTime is among those that receive a major upgrade.

FaceTime Link

This is a feature long awaited by users Apple who want that video calls through FaceTime not to be limited by use iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.
FaceTime link allows you to create links for video calls and share them with the people we want to invite in conversation. Video call entry links can be opened from any web browser on Android, Windows, Linux or other operating system with browser and video support.

Links to FaceTime can be shared in the Calendar application, where we can invite friends, family or colleagues to the next video meeting on Group FaceTime.

SharePlay FaceTime

SharePlay will definitely increase the interaction between users FaceTime and opens a new path for Apple on the road to existing services in applications such as: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Classroom.
By FaceTime SharePlay we will be able to share the screen iPhone for the participants in the session, let's listen to his music to watch movies with friends or family.  SharePlay will be a feature present on all devices Apple with support FaceTime.

SharePlay - Share music via FaceTime

SharePlay - Share video content (movies) via FaceTime

While running media content through FaceTime SharePlay, thanks picture-in-picture, participants will be able to open without problems and other applications on iPhone, iPad or Mac, while watching shared content. I can surf the web, send messages or carry out other activities.

If we have at hand a Apple TV, we can retrieve media content shared through FaceTime SharePlay directly on TV. This way we can watch our favorite movies or shows with friends, sitting comfortably on the couch.

Apple has raised the sound and picture quality during calls on FaceTime.

Starting in the fall, FaceTime will get Spatial Audio si Portrait Mode for video calls. Voice and video calls through FaceTime they will be more natural than ever, he promises Apple.

Spatial Audio if Noise Cancellation

With "spatial audio"The sound will be more natural, and for Group FaceTime sound it will come from the direction in which it is the icon of the speaker. Plus the speaker icon will be highlighted. Something similar Skype for Business.

Also for voice calls we can say about a new feature capable of fading ambient sounds. With this new "noise cancellation" during calls on FaceTime ambient sounds will be eliminated. A very well thought out feature, especially since all these news do nothing but impinga FaceTime to a robust application designed for business.

In terms of image quality in video calls FaceTime, is finally introduced "Portrait Mode“. The same way we find in the native "Camera" application on iPhone or iPad. "Portrait Mode”Will focus only the person and will blur everything behind. Another feature that we can say again is also designed for business.

About these will be the major changes that will take place on FaceTime starting with iOS 15 next fall. It is understood that these new features may not be compatible for all devices Apple. "Portrait Mode”Will be available only on iPhone si iPad with A12 Bionic chip (or newer model) and on Mac with M1, and “spatial audio" all iPhone si iPad with A12 Bionic and all models of Mac from 2018 or newer.
These limitations come from hardware considerations.
Shared links for video sessions FaceTime can be accessed from Windows and Android from Chrome or Edge. Browsers that support H.264 video encoding.

FaceTime for Android and Windows, SharePlay and many other new options in iOS 15

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