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Fix Reminders & Calendar Widget Not Show in iOS / iPhone

iOS 14 has many nice features, and the ability to add widgets on the main screens / "Home Screen ”is one of them.

Besides the applications that iOS comes with, in App Store there are many that support widgets. From calendar, weather applications to music, finance and news applications.

Although theoretically the applications developed by Apple should run best on iOS, it remains only at the "theoretical" stage. Applications such as Reminders si Calendar have problems displaying data in widgets, and Apple did not resolve this issue in the beta versions of iOS 14.5 either.
Specifically, when we set an application widget Calendar or RemindersIt does not display any information nor cannot be edited. A problem that many users face iPhone and for which apparently there is no official solution given by Apple.

Reminders and Calendar widgets will not start displaying data even if you restart iPhone or delete and add the widget again. However, I have seen that there is a fairly quick method to solve this problem of widgets that do not want to display data on iPhone.

How do we make Calendat and Reminders widgets display data on iPhone / iOS

Most likely this problem occurs due to a sync bug between the widget and iCloud or another Reminders or Calendar service.

1. We're going iPhone in "Settings”→“iCloud”(First option above, where the username and profile picture appear).

2. Here we have a list of applications that use data synchronization in iCloud. Disable synchronization for applications "Calendar"And"Reminder".

When we disable the synchronization of the application from iCloud, at the bottom we are asked if the synchronized data to stay on iPhone or be deleted. We choose to be deleted. “Delete from My iPhone“. They will stay in iCloud and other devices.

3. Close and reopen iPhone.

4. Go to one of the screens iPhone and add Reminders and Calendar widgets.

At this point the data in the widget will be listed correctly.

Now is his time reactivate synchronization in iCloud for Calendar and Reminders applications.

After reactivation, the events and Calendar and Reminders reminders will be synchronized. These will be displayed and updated in the widgets on the screens iPhone.

We hope so Apple to solve this problem until the final version of iOS 14.5 is released. a update major that will bring new interesting elements on iPhone si iPad (iPadOS).

Fix Reminders & Calendar Widget Not Show in iOS / iPhone

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