How do we hide pictures on iPhone or iPad and set Face ID for the hidden album (Hidden Album)

A characteristic of iOS 16 who helps us to hide the pictures on iPhone or on the iPad. They can also be moved in the Hidden album, where access will be made only with biometric authentication. Required Face ID or Touch ID for access to the hidden album.

iOS 16 brings, in addition to many features, new options for protecting confidential data, including photos taken with iPhone or saved in Photos.
We all know that access to pictures and videos from Photos is it possible if iPhone is it unlocked or someone ne knows the iPhone unlock password /iPad.
In many couples and families it happens like this iPhone unlock password to be known by other people. Partner. wife / husband or other family members.

Up to iOS 16 we could move pictures and videos from the photo gallery to “Hidden”. It no longer appeared in “Recents” or in other albums. But the access to the hidden album it was done enough simplu without the need for a separate password or biometric authentication with Face ID or Touch ID.

With iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple introduced biometric authentication cu Face ID or Touch ID for access to the pictures and video from the gallery Hidden on iPhone or iPad. This means that another person, even if he does not know the iPhone unlock password, will not have access to the photos and videos from the hidden gallery.

How do we hide pictures on iPhone or iPad and set biometric authentication for access to the hidden gallery

We go on iPhone or iPad in Settings → Photos to make the hidden photo gallery visible (Hidden album) and to set the Face ID for access.

How do we hide pictures on iPhone or iPad
How do we hide pictures on iPhone or iPad

This hidden photo gallery will appear in the application Photos under Utilities as soon as we have the first picture or video marked with “Hide”.

That we hide pictures, video from Photos, all we have to do is go to the photo gallery, select them, then mark them with “Hide”.

Hide Photos
Hide Photos

After clicking on "Hide" it will be necessary to confirm that we want to hide the pictures on iPhone or iPad.

These photos will be hidden, but can be found in the Hidden album. You can choose to show or hide the Hidden album in Settings.

Hide Photos Confirmation
Hide Photos Confirmation

At this moment, the pictures will disappear from the photo galleries “Recents” and from other personalized galleries of the application Photos.

On the iPhone, in the application Photos la Albums it will appear at the bottom under Utilities album Hidden with a lock next to him. I mean that it is a protected photo gallery and access can only be done with authentication. On the iPad, this album with hidden photos and videos appears on the left.

iPad - iPhone Hidden Albums
iPad - iPhone Hidden Albums

How to access hidden photos and videos from iPhone or iPad

If in the first step of this tutorial you set to use Face ID (or Touch ID) for access to the hidden photo gallery, only the owner will have access to this album iPhone or iPad. It takes biometric confirmation of identity.

This Album Requires Face ID.jpg
This Album Requires Face ID

This security measure by which we can hide the pictures on iPhone excludes the possibility that another person can access the photos and videos from the hidden album, even if they know the unlocking password iPhone or iPad.

The feature is also implemented on macOS Ventura, where access to Hidden Album can be done with Touch ID (for MacBook cu Touch Bar, Magic Keyboard cu Touch ID).

This protection measure also applies to deleted photos and videos. They are moved for 30 days in Recently Deleted, where access is also based on biometric identity confirmation.

How do we hide pictures on iPhone or iPad and set Face ID for the hidden album (Hidden Album)

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