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[How-to Fix] iPhone / iPad does not upload photos from Photos to iCloud

An option used by many owners of iPhone si iPadThis syncing and storing photos in iCloud. So the pictures in the application Photos will be automatically taken to iCloud, the user also having the option to storage space optimization by keeping a lower quality copy on the device. The original quality of the picture can be accessed whenever it is open in Photos.
Photos saved in iCloud can be accessed and downloaded at any time from the Mac in the Photos application or online on, after the user logs in with the same account on the iPhone.

The option to save photos in iCloud and optimize storage space on your iPhone or iPad can be found in "Settings" → "Photos".

Sometimes this automatically upload photos from the Photos application from iPhone or iPad to iCloud stops, and photos captured with iPhone are not immediately transferred to iCloud Photos.
For Mac users, this automatic upload stop is annoying, especially when taking a picture with the iPhone and want to access it immediately in the Photos application on the Mac.

Upload photos from the application Photos from iPhone to iCloud it sometimes shuts down when the battery power level is below 50%. Very useful for increasing the period of use of the iPhone until the next charge. It is known that during data transfer the battery of a device is more charged than usual.

How to solve it so that the upload of photos from the iPhone's Photos application to the iCloud account doesn't stop

If you are in the scenario where you took a picture or a screenshot with iPhone, and the image is delayed to appear on iCloud account or Photos application on Mac, First Check your internet connection of both devices. An internet connection is required for upload / download.

Open the Photos application, go to "Photographs"→"All Photos"And where it appears"Upload paused for N items"" Click "DESCRIPTION". Confirm “Resume Updates”And uploading photos to iCloud will start immediately.

Once the upload is complete, the photos will be accessible in the iCloud account and in the Photos application on the Mac (if it syncs as soon as it sees the change in iCloud).

[How-to Fix] iPhone / iPad does not upload photos from Photos to iCloud

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