How to extend the battery life of an iPhone (Maximum Capacity)

iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max are devices launched about a year ago, being effectively put on sale starting September 16, 2022. Less than a year later, many owners of these phones complain that battery health, battery life iPhone (Maximum Capacity) degraded a lot after dropping from 100%.

Unfortunately, this problem is not new. Owners of iPhone 13 Minis faced problems simhilarious last year.

Some owners of iPhone claims that after months of maxing out the battery at 100%, this percentage began to drop sharply, down to 85 & – 90% in just a few weeks. Some even say the decline is about 2 percent per week. Very much!

For my part, iPhone 14 Pro activated at the end of October 2022, the health of the bayeria (Maximum Capacity) is still at a percentage of 100%.

How to extend the battery life of an iPhone (Maximum Capacity)
How to extend the battery life of an iPhone (Maximum Capacity)

How to extend the battery life of an iPhone (Maximum Capacity)

Maximum Capacity (Maximum capacity) in the battery status of a iPhone refers to how much of the device's original battery capacity currently remains functional. It is a measure of the degree of degradation of the battery compared to its original capacity.

For example, if a iPhone had a battery with an initial capacity of 100%, but “Maximum Capacity” now indicates 80%, this means that the battery can only retain about 80% of its original capacity. In other words, the battery has undergone some degradation over time and can no longer store as much energy as when it was new.

Nevertheless Apple says that this percentage is not necessarily cause for concern if it is low. This feature by which users can see the level of battery degradation was introduced more for the old models of iPhone devices. Apple also says that:

The energy power needs of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and later models are dynamically monitored and performance managed to meet these needs in real time. The system is more advanced than previous battery and power management systems for iPhone and allows the phone to reduce the performance impact caused by battery aging.

While the impact on performance is minimized as much as possible, battery aging could still eventually lead to noticeable, possibly temporary, effects. Depending on the health of your battery and the workloads your iPhone is handling, examples may include longer app launch times, lower frame rates, slower wireless data transfer speeds, lower screen brightness, or lower volume of the speaker.

How can you protect an iPhone's battery?

Most likely, users iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max who complain that battery health (Maximum Capacity) decreased, use devices more intensively and keep functions such as Always On Display. This is one of the features that lead to faster battery discharge and degradation.

The main factors that lead to battery degradation in a shorter time iPhone are:

1. Excessive running of games and applications which requires a lot of graphics and processing resources.

2. Bad upload with non-standard power supply and charging cable Apple. They will either not transfer enough real power for charging or will overheat the device.

3. Use while charging. If you use your iPhone while charging it, this can generate additional heat during the charging process.

4. Exposure to heat, especially on board the car and use iPhone for GPS / Maps services. The battery will degrade a lot, both because of the external heat and because of the demand on the processing resources.

5. Use of Connections 4G/5G for long periods. It is known that the battery usage time of a iPhone is greatly reduced when mobile internet is used. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, the consumption of energy resources is significantly lower.

6. 'Low Power Mode" when iPhone has activated focus "Sleep". As you can see in the image above, I use this setting. I don't need either the visual effects or the function Background App Refresh when i sleep So, the battery iPhone she will rest with me.

In conclusion, to increase the life of the iPhone battery, a balance must be kept between performance and consumption of energy resources. I am the type of user who changes the model of iPhone at most 2 years, but all have had good battery performance over time.

Starting with the operating system iOS 17, Apple introduces StandBy for iPhone. An interesting mod, which I wrote an article about, but as far as I can tell, this feature will put extra strain on the battery. Even though the mode StandBy works only when iPhone it is charged and is in the "landscape" position.

How to extend the battery life of an iPhone (Maximum Capacity)

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