How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using an IPSW image?

If you need to do a complete reinstallation of the operating system, this tutorial shows you step by step how to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using image IPSW.

IPSW is the file format that contains the firmware iOS for device sites Apple, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This file contains practically everything that iOS means, and the installation of the operating system on iPhone or iPad using the files.ipsw can only be done through iTunes on Mac or Windows PC.

Most often reinstalling the iOS operating system is done to revert to the previous version of iOS or to cancel a beta version.

Before reinstalling iOS or iPadOS using image IPSW, you must have the following at hand:

  1. The latest version of iTunes installed on your PC or Mac
  2. Download the file IPSW for your device. Attention, it must be downloaded exactly for the device model. In the case of the iPad, for example, there are versions of IPSW different for Wi-Fi and Cellular versions. As a download source IPSW You can use Also here you will see if the firmware is still "signed" by Apple. signed.
  3. Apple has a habit of not allowing downgrades to versions of iOS than for a limited period of time, after which it deletes the "signature" without which an older version of iOS can no longer be installed.
  4. Un lightning data cable handy
  5. You must know password deviceyou want to reinstall the firmware

How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using an IPSW image?

Before you reinstall iOS or iPadOS using image IPSW it is recommended to have made a full backup of the system or to save all the data on it. Pictures, files, music, etc. All will be deleted without being recovered.

1. open iTunes pe Windows PC or Mac and connect iPhone or iPad via the data cable. Follow all the steps and permissions for synchronization. Press "Trust" on the device and accept the connection iTunes.

2. go to iTunes to device "Summary", hold down the key "Options"(Mac) or "SHIFT" (for Windows PC) while clicking in iTunes on the button "Check for Updates".

How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using an IPSW image?
How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using an IPSW image?

3. In the window that opens, select the file IPSW from the computer and click "Open".

install iOS from IPSW Fillet
install iOS from IPSW Fillet

4. Click "Update”On the button in the dialog where you are informed which version of iOS will receive your device

iTunes install iOS or iPadOS
iTunes install iOS or iPadOS

5. Leave the iPad connected to the PC / Mac then wait until the iOS firmware installation process is completed.

Reinstall iOS / iPadOS
Reinstall iOS / iPadOS

This process can take several minutes, during which the iPad or iPhone it will restart itself several times.

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In our tutorial I experienced the downgrade from iOS 12.1.2 Beta to iOS 12.1 for iPad Mini 4 CellularUsing iTunes pe macOS Mojave.

Update: For versions iOS 15 or newer the process of iTunes He was replaced by Finder.

How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using an IPSW image?

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  • I have the iPad Pro, 2nd generation. I was using the iOS14.7.1 version with no problems. Once I did an upgrade to the 14.8 I lost the ability to access a group chat on a website called They use a websocket / webrtc. I have an older iPad using the old 14.1.7 iOS and it still works on that iPad/system. Appreciate any feedback you may have. I can also pass along to the webmaster of the site as well. Or, I could just give you his email.