iOS 11.3 is close to launch in the final version - iOS 11.3 Public beta 5

Apple recently released a new beta for the future iOS 11.3.
In this version intended for developers and testers we do not see anything new compared to previous versions. neither Apple does not provide details about this update, but most likely something has changed in terms of security and performance.

A major change in performance was felt after the transition from iOS 11.3 Public Beta 3 to 11.3 4 iOS Public Beta. Significant improvements in older devices and stability.

The fact that we do not see anything remarkable in this new beta version, makes us seriously think that iOS 11.3 is approaching maturity and soon Apple will publish the update for all iOS 11 compatible devices. This statement is reinforced by the fact that in recent years, x.3 versions were also released in March. Last year, for example, in March we had iOS 10.3. A version that has brought significant changes, just as it is foreshadowed in iOS 11.3.

iOS 11.3 Public beta 5 is available for all iPhone, iPad si iPod touch what are the devices enrolled in Apple Beta Software Program.

iOS 11.3 is close to launch in the final version - iOS 11.3 Public beta 5

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