iOS 11.3 Public Beta 2 - Battery Health & New App Store, iTunes Store Splash Screen

Apple recently launched the second Beta version for iOS 11.3, The new version of the operating system brings a lot of changes and visible enhancements for iPad, iPad, and iPod touch device owners iOS 11.
Since the first Beta version of iOS 11.3, those with the devices enrolled in Apple Software Beta Program they could enjoy and could test the new option saving messages in iCloud. A long-awaited feature since last year since launching iOS 11.

With the recent launch of iOS 11.3 Public beta 2, the end of the the battery management and status option. Since the outbreak of Apple's scandal has been set up like a deliberately degraded performance on older iPhone models, to force iPhone fans to buy new models, Apple has announced that in the future they will add an option "Battery Health”Through which users will be able to have a clearer picture of the“ health ”of the battery. This option is now present in iOS 11.3 Beta 2.

News from iOS 11.3 Beta 2

The opening screen of App Store si iTunes Store has been slightly modified, bringing new content every day.

Added Battery Health in "Settings”→“Battery"

In "Battery Health (Beta)" the user can see what is the maximum battery charging capacity (percentage) and if the iPhone is running in maximum performance mode.
With this option, we can see changes until spring, when the official release of iOS 11.3 is scheduled for all iPhone owners.

It remains to be seen whether "Battery Health" will be a really useful option for the user or will be just a way for Apple to avoid scandals related to performance degradation on old devices in the future.

iOS 11.3 Public Beta 2 - Battery Health & New App Store, iTunes Store Splash Screen

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