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iOS 12 Music App Concept: CoverFlow, Dark Mode & Minimalistic Design

There are a few good months before we see the first official preview of iOS 12, but that does not prevent designers from designing more interesting concepts.
A concept of iOS 12 that drew our attention today, redesigns the Music iOS app. The concept brings much expectation Dark Mode which has been demanded by thousands of owners of iPhone si iPad, brings a minimalist interface but with a much more efficient control for volume based on 3D Touch functions, playing songs from the playlist with a simple swipe and returns CoverFlow.

Cover Flow was highly appreciated by users and many were disappointed by its withdrawal with the launch of iOS 8.4 in 2015. The new version imagined by Litaya, brings a Cover Flow in more vivid colors and fluid effects.

The concept does not look bad, but there is little chance that it will be considered by Apple. Over the years, there have been concepts that have redesigned the iOS system in many ways, but too little has materialized on the iOS interface.

Regarding iOS 12 it is unlikely to see major interface changes in "Lock Screen", "Home Screen ”or in applications Apple from iOS. iOS 12 will focus more on correcting current errors and bugs, performance and reliability.

iOS 12 Music App Concept: CoverFlow, Dark Mode & Minimalistic Design

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