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iOS 15 with more space in iCloud for moving data (pictures, videos, apps, settings) to a new device

WWDC 2021 brought a lot of news that promise to be present in the fall and to facilitate its use iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV si Mac.

Starting with iOS 15, Apple will make more available to users storage space iCloud for free, to be able to move data to new devices. This space will be available only for 3 weeks, the period in which the user to be able to transfer through iCloud Backup all data from the old device to the new one. No maximum space limit is specified, but 600 GB will certainly be enough for photos, videos, applications and settings (data to be transferred via iCloud Backup). We take into account the fact that currently the maximum storage capacity on iPhone 12 Pro is 512 GB. 

It is a welcome upgrade, given that Apple For some years there have been no signs that they would like to increase the free storage space that is currently available 5 GB for each account iCloud. Insufficient space for transferring photos, videos and files from a iPhone another through iCloud Backup. 

In addition to this free limited time upgrade, Apple also presented the new iCloud+. A service to come without additional costs from subscribers, and will include some new features. Private Relay, Hide My Email si HomeSecure Video Kit

So if we don't have a paid subscription for extended storage space iCloud, from autumn we will receive free space iCloud "Unlimited" for 3 weeks. Most likely this extended storage space will be activated automatically when we buy a new one iPhone and we record it with Apple The ID present on the old device. 

iOS 15 with more space in iCloud for moving data (pictures, videos, apps, settings) to a new device

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