How to take professional photos with iPhone 14 Pro at a resolution of 48MP

Apparently everyone knows how to take quality pictures with iPhone for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but if you really want to take professional photos with iPhone 14 Pro, at a resolution of 48MP, you can find the necessary steps in this tutorial.

First of all, I would start with what a professional photo means and how it is different from the ones you post on social networks. It's not about what you capture with the camera lens, but about the technical quality of the capture.

Professional photos must have contrast and brightness, be clear, have natural colors and not contain image noise. The pictures must be of a sufficient resolution to be able to be edited on professional software, such as Adobe Lightroom or PhotosHop.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max they are able to take close to quality image captures similara of professional cameras, with a resolution of up to 48MP. For this, however, you need to make some settings for the application Camera.

How to take professional photos with iPhone 14 Pro at a resolution of 48MP

Nowadays, many people use it iPhone them as the main camera when they go on holidays, trips or events. Due to the impressive quality of the lenses on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max and the software that processes the images, they are absolutely spectacular.

However, even if the application Camera is good enough with the factory settings, there are some additional settings you can adjust to take even better photos.

Default settings of the application Camera on iPhone 14 Pro

Default settings and functions that users have access to when they open the application Camera, I am capable of quality captures. But with these you will not be able to do professional photos with a resolution of up to 48MP.

iPhone Pro Camera Default Settings
iPhone Pro Camera Default Settings

How to set the Camera application for professional quality photos

Although some options can be changed directly in the Camera application, others can only be found in the application settings Camera from iOS. From these settings you can change the format of the captured photos, you can activate the "grid" mode and Apple ProRAW or Apple ProRes.

Activate the Camera Grid

Achieving a good composition in a photo or video can be a difficult process. However, the option of Grid the application Camera can make this process much easier. This function allows you to align the subject and ensure that the photo is balanced and well composed. using Grid, you will be able to keep iPhone in the correct position and center easily focusul on the main subject, making sure that the resulting photo or video will look good and be pleasing to the viewer.

To activate the Grid function, go to Settings → Camera → activate Grid (the function is available under "Composition").

Apple ProRAW si Apple ProRes

Starting with iPhone 12 Pro, Apple introduced Apple ProRAW in the Camera application. Basically, this format allows you to take professional photos with the iPhone.

Apple ProRAW is an image format RAW developed by Apple for models of iPhone with shooting capabilities in RAW format. This format combines information from the camera's image sensor and the camera's advanced software processing to provide an image RAW with a greater dynamic range and more flexibility in post-processing than JPEG or HEIF formats. The original format of a file RAWThis DNG (Digital Negative).

Due to the large volume of information contained, a capture file Apple ProRAW will be significantly larger than JPEG or HEIF formats.

Apple ProRAW offers the advantages of working with RAW images, such as adjusting exposure levels, contrast, colors and brightness without losing quality. It is only available on models of iPhone more recent, inclusive iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 ProMax, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 minis, iPhone 13 Pro yes iPhone 13Pro Max.

This format is a "must have" if you want to take professional photos with the iPhone.

Apple ProRes is a high quality video file format developed by Apple Inc. and is used especially in film, television and video production. This format is used to obtain high-quality video frames and to easily manage large video files in post-production workflows. Therefore, it is a professional format, which I do not recommend you to use unless you want to do professional video processing. As in the case Apple ProRAW, the resulting files are very large in size, which will be quite inconvenient on a iPhone with small storage space.

Apple ProRes provides lossy compression and is available in a variety of compression levels, each offering a balance between file size and image quality.

Apple ProRes can be used in professional video editing workflow and is compatible with most video editing programs including Final Cut Pro si Adobe Premiere Pro.

To activate Apple ProRAW si Apple ProRes, go in Settings → Camera → Formats. Also from here you can also set the high resolution of 48MP for the format ProRAW.

professional iPhone photos
ProRAW and ProRes for professional iPhone photos

Once these settings are activated, when you open the application Camera, you have the setting for activation or deactivation at hand RAW.

Enable Disable RAW iPhone
Enable Disable RAW iPhone

So, if you want to take professional photos with your iPhone, activate it Apple ProRAW si ProRAW Resolution 48MP from the settings Camera pe iOS.

Macro Control

Starting with iPhone 13 Pro, Apple introduced the function Macro in the ultra-wide lens. The function Macro allows users to capture very close images, of very good quality. This function is activated automatically depending on the distance between iPhone and the object you are pointing at, which can annoy some people. Fortunately, you can enable or disable this option manually, directly from Camera.

Macro Control iPhone Camera
Macro Control iPhone Camera

The function can be permanently disabled from: Settings → Camera → Macro Control (last option at the bottom).

Photographic Styles

Photographic Styles is a set of presets with different values ​​of tone and warmth that can greatly change the appearance of photos, while preserving sky colors and skin tones. These presets can be changed from the application settings Camera or directly from the application.

Photographic Styles iPhone Camera
Photographic Styles iPhone Camera

You can change Photographic Styles and while taking a photo capture, directly from the application Camera. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or activate the additional options - picture 1 of this tutorial) then choose the icon to change the photo style.

Photographic Styles - professional iPhone photos
Photographic Styles – Professional iPhone photos

To change the tone and warmth of the image for each chosen photographic style. This way you will be able to take professional photos with the iPhone.

Preserve Settings

Many of the settings such as: Camera Mode, Creative Controls, Macro, Exposure Adjustment, Night Mode, Apple ProRAW, Apple ProRes, it is reset after you close the application Camera. Activate Preserve Settings for the settings you want the Camera application to keep even after the application is closed.

iPhone Preserve Camera Settings
iPhone Preserve Camera Settings

Activating some of these photo or video settings is only recommended if you have to take several photos in the same environment and you don't want to make the settings manually every time you open the application Camera.

You can take professional pictures with iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro?

In conclusion, yes, you can take professional photos with the iPhone, but you have to explore the true capacity of capturing and processing photos, choosing the best settings.

How to take professional photos with iPhone 14 Pro at a resolution of 48MP

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