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How to edit, delete or mark messages as unread iMessage in iOS 16 [Messages]

iOS 16 for iPhone comes with some major interface updates and new application features Apple. iMessage in iOS 16 receives new interesting and useful features for owners of iPhone.

Messages application receives on iOS 16 three very useful features for owners of iPhone, Mac and iPad, which uses iMessage. Apple added the possibility that users can edit a sent message, delete it from the conversation or mark it as unread (unread).

How to edit the text of an already sent message [Edit iMessage in iOS 16]

If we send a misspelled message and we want to correct the text or delete the message altogether, on iMessage We can do this for 15 minutes from the time of shipment.

To edit a sent message, press and hold on the message, then from the menu that opens, choose the option "Edit“. We go with the finger on the word we want to correct.

Edit iMessage iOS 16
Edit iMessage iOS 16

The edited message will be marked with “Edited"So that the recipient knows that the original message has been modified. Edit iMessage in iOS 16 it is a very useful option especially when we use autocorrect and I accidentally sent a wrong word in a sentence.

How do we delete a sent message from the conversation [Undo Send iMessage in iOS 16]

Another important feature of iOS 16 for Messages gives us the ability to delete sent messages. Undo Send.
If you accidentally sent a iMessage to someone, within 15 minutes of dispatch, the message can be deleted from the conversation. It will disappear from both you and the recipient's conversation.

All we have to do is press and hold the sent message, and from the menu that opens click "Undo Send".

iMessage pe iOS 16
Undo Send iMessage

How to mark a message as unread (Unread). iMessage in iOS 16

Marking function as "unread" on iMessage is very similar to the one in which we can mark an unread e-mail message on the Mail application on iPhone, iPad or Mac. With a swipe from left to right on the message, it will be marked as “unread”And so we can return to the conversation later.

Unread iMessage
Unread iMessage

Many users are already familiar with two of these three features from the WhatsApp application. Meta has not yet introduced the possibility to edit an already sent message.

These three features of Messages on iOS 16 are only available for conversations iMessages, performed between users of iPhone, iPad or Mac that use this service. Options are not available for SMS text messages.

How to edit, delete or mark messages as unread iMessage in iOS 16 [Messages]

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