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Revolut security alert for users iPhone!

I'm a little confused about it Revolut security alert for users iPhone (Apple devices).
A little while ago today 9 September 2022, I received an alert by email in which Revolut asks me to do urgent one sofware update to the latest version of iOS, to remove two security problems. The alert sent by Revolut by email, like the Revolut application on iOS it would not have push notifications and would not be able to identify exactly which version of iOS has every user logged in.

A very good measure by Revolut to notify its customers of possible or real security problems of the devices with which they connect to the Revolut account. However, I am a little confused by the speed of this measure.

Revolut security alert for users iPhone
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Revolut security alert for users iPhone

Hi Laurent,
Apple sent out a notification on Wednesday, August 17, warning of two security issues within their operating system, and advised users to update their devices to the latest version to resolve them.
Since you've previously accessed your Revolut account from an iOS device, we advise you to follow this recommendation as soon as possible.

It took almost three weeks for Revolut to process a security notification from Apple? Most likely, the American company was also put on hold by the "call center".

To update iOS for the latest version, go to Settings → General → Software Update.

Revolut security alert for users iPhone!

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