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iPhone Pro with iOS 12 - HomeBar, Widgets, OLED Always ON

In September this year is expected launching the strongest iPhone history Apple. a iPhone 8 what promises one OLED displayAnd applications Apple redesigned and redesigned, a modified Notification Center and more oriented to the user's needs, full screen, plus many other new features brought by the future iOS 11.

Getting out of the fever images si Characteristics iPhone 8, recently appeared a concept of iPhone Pro equipped with iOS 12.

Key elements in this concept are brought by the capabilities of the OLED screen and a customizable HomeBar.

A space where notifications are briefly presented, a customizable Home Button whose colors and dimensions can be changed, Bluetooth headset pairing, weather information and alarm / timer.

From HomeBar, calls can also be retrieved or rejected, retrieved options available during a call and shortcuts to favorite applications.

iPhone Pro Concept also brings a redraw of notifications. They will be grouped according to the source they come from and will be listed at the bottom of the screen. This repositioning would allow faster access to them with one hand.

There are also options for these notifications. Swipe left to remove it from the list or 3D Touch (pressed) to display a list of options.

Compared to the current IPS, the OLED screen allows a wider range of options. From the fingerprint sensor directly on the screen to the display of information in "sleep" mode, with minimal battery consumption. In this sense, the "always on" mode would permanently display the date, time and a summary of the notifications on the display of the future. iPhone Pro.

An Ultra HD OLED screen could redefine the notion of "video" on iPhone. Vivid colors, high image quality and a deep black. Deep black.

It is unlikely that this concept will catch life too soon, much less on iOS 11, which we have all seen what it will look like and what it will bring new. However, we must recognize that “iOS 12 on iPhone Pro ”is an interesting concept and we would like the idea of ​​having such an iOS on the future iPhone.
Maybe Apple will keep an eye on this concept.

iPhone Pro with iOS 12 - EDGE-TO-EDGE EVOLUTION

iPhone Pro with iOS 12 - HomeBar, Widgets, OLED Always ON

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