How do you protect your eyes with iPhone Screen Distance in iOS 17?

Company Apple is famous for introducing applications and options to enhance the quality of life on devices and operating systems. The latest version of iOS comes with a feature that aims to reduces eye fatigue and the occurrence of myopia in children. See below how you can protect your eyes with iPhone Screen Distance.

What is Screen Distance on iPhone/iPad devices?

Screen Distance is a new feature of operating systems iOS 17 / iPadOS 17 entered on the devices iPhone / iPad with Face ID, which measures the distance between the device's screen and the user's eyes.

so much Apple as well as ophthalmologists recommend that in order to maintain eye health and good vision, the distance between your eyes and phone screens be at least 30 cm (12 inches).

Feature Operation iPhone Screen Distance is possible with the help of the front camera, which is also used by Face ID.

"Screen Distance it works by measuring the distance between the screen and your eyes. The camera does not capture images or videos, and the data collected remains on the device and is not shared with Apple", notes the company Apple, about this feature present on operating systems iOS 17 / iPadOS 17.

How do you activate iPhone Screen Distance to reduce eye fatigue?

So you can activate iPhone Screen Distance, first of all you need to have the version installed iOS 17 / iPadOS 17 or a newer software version (currently iOS 17 is in beta).

1. Go to settings: “Screen Time” → “Screen Distance”.

iPhone Screen Distance Options
iPhone Screen Distance

2. Follow the activation steps Screen Distance for iPhone or iPad.

Configure Screen Distance iPhone
Configure Screen Distance iPhone

In the popup screen that opens, press "Continue" to reach the option activation Screen Distance.

Once you have activated this feature you will be notified by “Screen Shield” when you hold iPhone or iPad too close to the eyes. "iPhone is Too Close".

iPhone is Too Close
iPhone is Too Close – Screen Distance

All you have to do is move the screen away from your eyes to the correct distance.

From what I have observed so far, “Screen Shield” appears after about 5-7 minutes when holding iPhone or iPad too close to the eyes.

Screen Distance is a very useful new health feature that will surely help many device owners iPhone to keep the optimal distance between the eyes and the device screen.

How do you protect your eyes with iPhone Screen Distance in iOS 17?

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