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Optimized Battery Charging in iOS 13 / iPhone [Increase battery life]

It is known that charging cycles and proper charging of an iPhone battery, reduce or increase total life time of it. Many iPhone owners charge their device batteries incorrectly and for this reason, their performance drops in a very short time.

With iOS 13, Apple introduces "Optimized Battery Charging". A feature that aims to optimize the iPhone battery charging process. With this feature the total battery life will be much longer, as stated by Apple.

With the new option of “Optimized Battery Charging", The device will learn your charging routine and optimize the process so it doesn't require much battery. For example, if you charge your iPhone at night, in the first stage it will charge up to approximately 80% (enough that you can remove iPhone from charging), followed by the rest up to 100% its loading is very slow. The process can take a long time up to a few hours. As we have in the example below, on a device of ours.

80% represents the optimum capacity iPhone battery charger. The highest threshold. 20% being the minimum point recommended where to start the upload process. Level from which it is suggested the transition to “Low Power Mode"

Activating "Battery Health" on an iPhone with iOS 13 is very simple. Going to "Battery"In"Settings"And then to"Battery Health"Where to activate"Optimized Battery Charging"

This is a welcome option for iPhone device owners. Especially since Apple was previously involved in a scandal over rapid battery degradation on the iPhone.

We do not know now how indicated the technology is Quick Charge for "Fast Charging"And in the long term how it affects the total battery life.

Optimized Battery Charging in iOS 13 / iPhone [Increase battery life]

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