iPad Pro 11-inch 2018 Touchscreen Sensitive Tap Error

iPad Pro 11-inch si 12.9-inch are considered until now "top of the range" in the field of tablets Apple. With an attractive design and a tailor-made price, iPad Pro The 11-inch 2018 is not a tablet without problems.

Lately, more users (including us) are comingpinto have problems with sezitivitatea / touchscreen sensitivity in certain places on the screen. Quite an unpleasant problem. which sometimes prevents us from typing, let's play or pure and simlet's go we enter the code PIN iPad lock. In our case, it took us some time before we managed to close the iPad. The "Power Off" slide did not go all the way to the right.

Touchscreen problem iPad Pro 11-ich 2018 – Data and solution

If we enterpinyou have this touchscreen touch response problem, do not rush to go with iPad in service. As far as it seems, this tactile response problem of iPad Pro 11-inch, is no stranger to those from Apple. The problem arose after a bug al iOS 12, and it manifests itself on the devices that have on the screen protection foilin especially made of glass. The touchscreen response to these devices no longer works in normal parameters. There are certain areas of the screen where the touchscreen responds very hard to commands or does not respond at all.
For many users, updatethe CPC iOS 12.2 is the touch screen problem solving, but in our case, the solution was to install 12.3 iOS Beta. Even if it's a trial version, iOS 12.3 Public Beta 6 is quite stable and solves the touchscreen sensitivity on iPad Pro 11-inch 2018 with applied glass foil. Learn from here's how to install a version of iOS Beta on iPhone or iPad.

Of course, other solutions would be to turn off and restart the iPad, but it is only a temporary solution. Another solution would be to remove the screen protector, but we do not recommend you to do this. screens iPad Pro 11-inch 2018 are quite sensitive to shocks.

Update: Our problem has finally been solved in one authorized service Apple. Replacing the device with a new one was your chosen service solution.

iPad Pro 11-inch 2018 Touchscreen Sensitive Tap Error

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