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Project xCloud (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) will no longer be available on iOS / iPhone

Microsoft, like other large manufacturing companies games, consul si gaming accessories, has recently focused on the development of game streaming services.
Project xCloud is currently in a beta development stage, which in the final version will allow the first phase of over 100 Xbox games on Android mobile phones and tablets, using the cloud streaming service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Unfortunately, Apple users will be deprived of this cloud game streaming service, whose testing period should end on September 11, 2020.
Microsoft recently announced that it will end testing xCloud for the iOS operating system, continuing to test and develop Project xCloud for Android only.

The reason for stopping xCloud testing on iOS is simple to guess. In most situations where third-party companies have tried to develop interactive applications and games for iOS or macOS, they have been hit by Apple's strict restrictions and policies.
The Project xCloud test application did not escape these restrictions either. It was available in test mode from the App Store for a maximum of 10.000 testers, and the feature limitations were significant compared to the Android version.

In a statement to The Verge, the Microsoft spokesman said: "The testing and preview period of xCloud for iOS is over, and we will continue to focus on delivering cloud games as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Android users, starting with September 15, 2020 ″.
The company's ambition to develop the Xbox Game Pass in the future for all operating systems, including iOS, remains, he said.

Microsoft is not the only company facing this issue of Apple's limitations and policies.
application Google Stadia for iOS only allows users to manage accounts, while Valve has been suing Apple for a year for repeated rejections of Steam Link from the App Store.

For iOS and macOS users, the best gaming service remains Apple Arcade. However, the titles are not very complex games and far from being able to satisfy the demands of a gamer.

Project xCloud (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) will no longer be available on iOS / iPhone

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