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Change Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp notification sound on iPhone / iPad cu iOS 10

Many owners iPhone si iPad they noticed that after the upgrade to iOS 10, something changed in sounds of notifications for Facebook Messenger si WhatsApp. After this upgrade, when we receive a message on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp,  iPhone it notifies us with the sound we were used to for Facebook application notifications.
Quite annoying to many users because Messenger does not allow personalized sounds for new message notifications.

According to Facebook Inc., this issue is not Messenger and WhatsApp, it's a bug present on iOS 10.0.1 si iOS 10.0.2, which has not yet been resolved by Apple.

How can we go back to the old notification sounds of Messenger and WhatsApp after upgrading to iOS 10

The solution is very simple. First of all, you need to make sure that you have the sound notifications enabled for the two applications (Settings > Notification> Messenger), and iPhone or iPad is not in Silent / Vibrate mode.

After you've made sure the sounds are on, cu iPhone on, simultaneously press and hold the “Sleep / Power Off” and “HomeUntil the black screen with the logo appears Apple. The Apple. Release the two buttons and release iPhone to start.
Ask a friend to send you a message on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to check if the sounds have returned to normal.
We have tested this method on several devices iPhone 6, and the results were positive.

Change Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp notification sound on iPhone / iPad cu iOS 10

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  • Ok Now That We Are At The End Of 2017 With iOS 11.1.2 The Unbelievably Standard ANNOYING “DING” For Messenger Notifications CAN NOT BE CHANGED !!! Under No Circumstances What-So-Ever I Have VERY UNFORTUNATELY Found Out… If You Can Help With This PLEASE PLEASE HELP !!! It Startles My Husband (Who Is A SEVERE PTSD Disabled Double War Army Veteran) And Even More So / Considerably Worse When He Is Asleep And It “DINGS.” Thanks….

  • Because when the exolication takes place and it has already happened to me in varios post are said things that do not exist or normally that suspend button is occupied by one of vol + or vol -, the iphone it has no more buttons and none is specific to suspend ???.

  • Como cambio los sonidos de llamada o lo desabilito en el mensagero de facebook! En iphon 6 he movido to y sigue igual solamente no deseo son sonido que tiene o cambiarlo o silenciar!

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