Where we find and how we delete the space occupied by "other" files on your iPhone or iPad [iOS Storage Tips]

A problem often found on the devices iPhone cu small storage space, those with 16 GB, is lack of space available.
The applications have grown a lot, and the ones social networking such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and games are getting a lot of the storage space of an iPhone.
When there is no storage available on the iPhone, alerts begin to appear warning the user that it is time to remove them from less important content or to uninstall applications and games that are rarely used.

"Storage Almost Full"Is a notification that appears when you have no space to even take a picture of your iPhone or iPad.

"Can not Take Photo"With your invitation to go to"Settings"To manage iPhone storage space.

How we identify the applications and files that occupy the most space on the iPhone or iPad

See which are the files that occupy the most storage space on an iPhone or iPad, we go to "Settings"→"General"→"iPhone Storage"
In the upper part of the screen will be graphically displayed the space occupied by pictures, applications, emails, media files and "others".

As you can see in the above picture, there are situations where this "more"(Other) it occupies huge storage space on the iPhone. The screen above is on a iPhone 6s cu 16GB storage, but the problem is also on iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or iPhone 8.

What are the "others" files in iPhone Storage and how they can be deleted

Because the iPhone Storage report was not very conclusive and did not clear us which and where those "other" files whose size occupies a significant space on the iPhone, I connected the iPhone to a MacBook cu iTunes installed and went to iPhone app details.

The space called "Other"In iPhone Storage are actually files and documents stored on the iPhone. They can be caches of the Safari browser, saved game files or by others applications installed on iPhone. Besides these files are added the ones from iCloud which were stored on iPhone through the Files app. Normally, after a while, these iCloud files should only stay at the "shortcut" level on the iPhone, and will only be downloaded when the user wants to access them.

How to delete the "Other" files on your iPhone or iPad

Unfortunately this step implies totally reset the iPhone and delete all apps and games installed, but if you do a backup before you do this, you can restore all of the content without having to reinstall your applications manually.

Step 1 - How do we back up all the content on your iPhone or iPad

Connect your iPhone or iPad to a PC or Mac that has the latest iTunes version installed, and then tap the connected device on the top bar.
On the iTunes iPhone details page, go to "Backups", select where you want to back up (in iCloud or on your computer), then click "Back Up Now" and wait until the backup process finishes.

Step 2 - How to reset iPhone to factory settings and delete all content on it

Disconnect iPhone from iTunes then go to "Settings"→"General"→"Reset"(Penultimate bottom option) →"Erase All Content and Settings"

When you click on "Erase All Content and Settings", the iPhone lock password and iCloud password will be required. Follow the requested steps and wait until the data deletion and reset process is complete. During this operation, the device will be unavailable.

After resetting and restarting the iPhone, you have two options. Either manually reinstall your apps and rebuild your settings, or connect the iPhone to the backed-up computer and use the "restore" option to restore your data.

This is the end of this operation, go to "Settings" → "General" → "iPhone Storage". You will notice that you have more available storage space and that "Other"Takes much less of it.

Storage Almost Full
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Storage Almost Full

How to free up iPhone and iPad "other" files from "iPhone Storage" and reset to factory settings.

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Where we find and how we delete the space occupied by "other" files on your iPhone or iPad [iOS Storage Tips]

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