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WhastApp Messenger - Share Live Location by Facebook / iPhone

19.3 billion was the amount paid by Facebook at the beginning of 2014 to add WhatsApp Messenger to the portfolio.
In the post-acquisition period, WhatsApp Messenger si Facebook Messenger They "constantly exchanged" options. In Facebook Messenger, functions and options specific to the WhatsApp application have been added, and in WhatsApp, some of the Facebook Messenger options have been brought. Keeping at the same time the simplicity of the application, which has become the world's most installed application. He got to over 1 billion users at the beginning of 2016.

The most recent function imported from Facebook Messenger is Share Live Location. Option that allows you to share the location in real time. The conversation partner or friends in a group can follow in real time on the map, where you are. The function can be activated for periods of time preset by you or until you decide to stop "Share Live Location".

Share Live Location on WhatsApp Messenger

If you want to send the live location of a friend on WhatsApp to see you in real time on the map, you have to take a few simple steps.

1. Open WhatsApp, then open the conversation with the friend you want to send Live Location.

2. Press "+”Next to the field of text chat, then press “Rental”From the menu that opens.

3. Select “Share Live Location".

You can choose to share real-time location for a period of time 15 minutes, one hour, 8 hours or until you turn off to turn off Live Location.

In order for this service to work properly, you need to have the location service permanently activated for the WhatsApp Messenger application. Go on iPhone in the: "Settings”→“ Privacy ”→“ Location Services ”→“ WhatsApp ”→“ Always ”.

WhastApp Messenger - Share Live Location by Facebook / iPhone

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