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What is Clean Energy Charging on iPhone in the settings Battery

Apple introduced Clean Energy Charging on iPhone, with the launch iOS 16.1. Let's see what this new feature is and what it helps with.

Since its inception iOS 16, Apple announced that the new operating system will have a the feature that will contribute to reducing pollution. We all know that Apple relies a lot on recycling materials from old devices and accessories out of use.

What is Clean Energy Charging on iPhone

With iOS 16.1 (beta, currently) Apple introduced Clean Energy Charging pe iPhone. This feature that we find in Settings → Battery → Battery Health & Charging he will try to reduce the carbon footprint by selective battery charging when in our area it is dispinibila electricity with lower carbon emissions. When more is available eco energy.

What is Clean Energy Charging on iPhone
What is Clean Energy Charging on iPhone

For everyone's understanding, the carbon footprint (or CO2 footprint) represent total greenhouse emissions produced by a person, a device, a company, a factory, a machine or anything else, in a time interval.
Carbon emissions (CO2) are greenhouse gases resulting from various human activities. Coal-fired power plants that produce electricity have an important CO2 emission.

To be honest, this option seems more like marketing than something really useful. At least I don't think this option is effective in all countries. perhaps Apple must identify in each region the source of electricity from the national grid at the time of charging the battery iPhone.
During a day, in a national network, electricity comes from several sources, depending on the demand. Thermal power plants, wind energy, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, photovoltaic panels and others.

The recycling campaign a Apple

iPhone 14 Pro it is only one of the devices Apple from this year that the company built using as many recycled elements as possible and as few elements harmful to the environment as possible. For iPhone 14 Pro 100% recycled gold was used for wires and circuits, also 100% recycled tungsten and rare elements for magnets, it does not use plastic, PVC, arsenic and other polluting materials.

iPhone 14 Pro - Recycled Elements
iPhone 14 Pro – Recycled Elements

For 3 years no model of iPhone it no longer comes with a power supply in the box (charger at the outlet). The company justified this decision by the fact that all over the world there are millions of such power supplies in people's homes that can be used for charging iPhone. A controversial decision, though Apple he is right about reducing pollution.

What is Clean Energy Charging on iPhone in the settings Battery

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