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YouTube with lower battery consumption iPhone si iPad

As much as smartphones have advanced in recent years with technology which more innovative, all device manufacturers face a common problem. Low battery life.

Beside display lightacquis and poor operator signal mobile phones, other big ones battery consumers at iPhone, iPad or another smartphone, are the applications. Depending on their complexity and the content played, they can consume a battery iPhone in a shorter or longer time. E.g, the Facebook app for iOS, is known as a “battery killer". It is capable of consuming one's battery iPhone in just a few hours of buttoning through the application. Consumes significantly more battery compared to applications Messages, Instagram or even with UAF YouTube, which normally by playing content video, audio si live it should consume extremely much. But this problem does not always lie only in the rendered content, but also in the optimization of the application by the manufacturing company. In this sense, on Facebook we do not remember seeing a update dedicated, to try to reduce battery consumption on iPhone or iPad. Battery use.

These days, Google has released a update for the YouTube application on iOS, which tries to reduce battery consumption.

In update12.45 for YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, fixed a bug that led to a fast battery consumption on iPhone si iPad.

We would be very happy if all iOS and Android app makers would put more emphasis on limiting energy consumption.

YouTube with lower battery consumption iPhone si iPad

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