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YouTube for Kids - YouTube Kids for iOS and Android

There is no child who has interacted with a smartphone and not to have looked at YouTube to cartoons, his listen to music favorite or to see gaming reviews.
YouTube offers support for smartphones iOS and Android through the official application, but few know that Google has also developed a YouTube app exclusively for children.
YouTube Kids is a application almost similar to the well-known YouTube, but it allows control over viewing periods and offers only recommended content for children. Cartoons, shows and music for children.

Before handing them over tablet or smartphonechild, install YouTube Kids and follow some configuration steps. Set one running time of the applicationDisable the search function (search) and settle for what age category you want to display the content of YouTube Kids. preschoolers, Scolari or All the children are the three categories provided by the application.

With the active search feature, the child will have access to the YouTube Kids app through the millions of videos available through the application. With the search function disabled, access will be restricted to the application's recommended content on the phone or tablet screen.

Like any system that automatically sorts and limits content, it is very likely that even small scams will occur. For example, a song or a video that would not be a good idea to watch a child. In this regard, Google has implemented a function that it can do flag brand unrecommended content. A video marked with a "flag" will be checked manually, and if it is found that the notification was correct, the content will no longer be available in YouTube Kids.

application YouTube Kids Is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and for smartphones and tablets with Google Android.
Users outside of the United States can install the app only after connecting to the App Store Apple ID valid on the US store. Believe that it is not hard at all to do this. All you have to do is do it create a new Apple ID, and when required region in the registration process, select "United States". After authenticating this Apple ID in the App Store, search for “YouTube Kids”And install the application. Once the application is installed, you can log out of this new ID and return to the one you used.

Careful! Using the YouTube Kids application can consume a lot of 3G / 4G data. It is recommended that your smartphone or tablet be connected to a wireless network that does not charge for data volume.

YouTube for Kids - YouTube Kids for iOS and Android

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