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How to use Notes and Quick Notes on macOS Monterey

Native application Notes a macOS it is clear that it does not compare at all with Evernote, OneNote or other similar applications that are very complex and offer many options.
Notes but it is characterized by simplicity, almost non-existent consumption of resources again note synchronization between iPhone, Mac si iPad it is done almost in real time.

Apple not left behind this application, and on macOS Monterey brings it a little closer to what a productivity application should mean, in which we keep important notes from projects, lines of code and other items to be displayed in a more readable way than at present.

Notes in macOS Monterey

1. Tags

Until now, the only method for sorting notes in the Notes application was the folders displayed in the bar on the left. There are many situations when a note could be included in several "categories" / folders, so we can find it faster. This is impossible. That is, a note in the Notes application cannot be part of multiple folders.

The new option "Tags”Brings us a new way of organizing notes with the help of tags. For example in the notes we can use #Monterey, #Whatever. These tags are immediately assigned to the note and will be present in the bar on the left under folders. So when we access a tag we will have quick access to all notes with that tag.

Tags in Notes App
Tags in Notes App

For me, it's a simpler and faster sorting option than organizing notes in Notes on Folders.

2. Quick Note in Hot Corners

Another novelty of the Notes application on macOS Monterey is the option "Quick Note", Through which users of Mac can quickly add notes by simply pressing the key combination (shortcut) Fn + Q or by moving the cursor to the lower right corner of the screen. In the "Hot Corners".

Quick Notes in Hot Corners

Text added in Quick Note it will be saved in real time and can be found in the Notes application in a dedicated category. Quick Note.

Quick Notes

3. Notes Options

In addition to the options in the old version, new options for Quick Note and notifications in case we are mentioned in a shared note.

Notes Preferences

Resume last Quick Note

When accessing Quick Note we have the possibility to choose whether to open a new note or to continue with the previous notes.

Allow mention notifications

This option allows us to receive notifications when our name is mentioned in a shared note. Not necessarily related to Quick Notes is a very useful option in application development. Especially for teamwork.

Hope Apple to further develop this application over time and become a real alternative to OneNote si Evernote.

How to use Notes and Quick Notes on macOS Monterey

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