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Battery Health Management pe Mac - Extends battery life by MacBook

In the latest update of macOS CatalinaVersion 10.15.5 brought a very important feature for the owners of MacBook. A system for analysis and management of energy resources Mac, in order to extend battery life.
It is known that batteries with lithium-ion technology are the most advanced at this time. They charge quickly, last a long time in use and have the best charging technology for devices. Over time, their performance begins to decline. Battery life decreases, and at some point this consumable a MacBook will have to be changed. After all, we are talking about the only consumable component of Mac, iPhone, iPad, AirPods or any other device using batteries, on which the time (chemical aging) and how to use it leaves its most obvious imprint. With a battery of MacBook it is used for a longer time, and its performance will be reduced.

I've written about it in the past batteries MacBook in "Proper use and battery life on MacBook / MacBook Pro"And"How do we know how used a battery is MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (Charging Cycles)"

This feature of "Battery Health Management”Introduced on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 is not a novelty in the ecosystem Apple. On iPhone the options have been present for some time "Peak Performance Capability"And"Optimized Battery Charging", Which aim to extend battery life.
Option Battery Health Management it's not much different.

Battery Health Management - What it is and how it extends battery life MacBook

This feature will collect data about  usage behavior si loading of the battery of the MacBook. Battery charging and discharging cycles and levels, battery temperature history and charging mode. Based on this collected data, a custom optimization will be made. With the function Battery Health Management activated may reduce the battery charge level, to avoid its chemical degradation. Basically they will be fewer charging cycles. In terms of user experience, it will be available a shorter usage time of MacBook when it is not next to a power supply.
Note that Battery Health Management will extend the battery life only in the scenario in which you have the habit of charging MacBook several times a day.
Daca MacBook it is always connected to a power supply, with 100% battery, then it is highly recommended to deactivate  Battery Health Management. In this scenario the effect will be reducing battery life, because a MacBook if it is kept permanently connected to the power source, reached 100%, the battery will no longer be charged.

Function Battery Health Management is present on all devices MacBook with USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port and is activated automatically after the update macOS Catalina or when installing the latest operating system macBONE. So, if you have updated to the latest version of macOS, and Battery Health Management will not help, it is good to disable this feature.

How to Disable Battery Health Management on macOS

The new function can be found in “System Preferences”→“Energy Saver”→“Battery Health.. "

Click on "Battery Health.. ”, uncheck the“ Battery health management ”option, then in the dialog box that will open, click onTurn Off".

Once this option is deactivated, the battery usage behavior will no longer be monitored and it will not be optimized in order to extend the life time.
If you are a person always on the move and make chaotic loads of MacBook, it is good to leave this option active.


Battery Health Management pe Mac - Extends battery life by MacBook

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