What you need to know before moving on Windows The PC Mac? [Windows PC Vs. Mac / MacBook]

You want to buy Mac or MacBook and give up Windows PC? Before this step you have to consider several aspects and to know what you are going to use it for. Between the two OSs (Operating Systems) there are some significant differences, which could represent advantages and disadvantages for the user.

Mac / MacBook round. Windows PRAÇA (macOS round. Windows)

The characteristics of the two operating systems make the big differences.
macOS, is operating system developed Apple, exclusively for devices Mac. Including laptops here: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and PCs Mac: Mac PRO, iMac PRO, Mac Mini. Operating system macOS this constantly updated by Apple, and the user is exempt from all that means Bugs, drivers, BSoD and other system errors. In the rare cases when a problem occurs on Mac, Apple It comes with a update to solve it, in a few days at most. It offers so stability and reliability in operations.
On the other side, Microsoft must provide support for the basic drivers of Windows PC, while many come from hardware manufacturers. The risk of incompatibilities and errors is very high Windows.

Applications on Windows, king of themsim and on Mac?

First of all, an application designed for Windows, will never run on Mac. And not vice versa. While Windows use compressions .exe si . MSI for installing applications, macOS are pkg si .dmg. But there is no panic. Most applications written for Windows, are also present on Mac. More than that, most professionals use Mac when it comes to productivity. Music production (DJ), graphic production, advanced video editing, 3D, web design, advertising production, application development and much more. Even Microsoft has developed the majority applications of Windows and for Mac. From the suite Office and to OneDrive, Microsoft products are present on the systems Mac.
Apple has developed for MacOS and iOS, the suite of Office applications: Numbers (Excel), Pages (Word), Keynote (Powerpoint), capable of opening, editing, and exporting files in Microsoft Office compatible format.

In more than 7 years spent on Mac, I do not have simlack of any application or utility. I even discovered many useful applications and tools, installed by default on macOS. An example simplus, it's opening PDF files. If on the versions of Windows, installing Adobe Acrobat Reader was a "must-have" on Mac, a .PDF file is opened instantly with "Preview". Application Apple which was found on all systems macOS.


Primitive games at the moment, compared to what you find on Windows. Even if there are powerful systems that would successfully run any game, the graphics engine behind the games with advanced graphics lacks Mac.

Sync with iPhone and iPad

Owners iPhone and / or iPad have an extra reason to switch from Windows The PC Mac.
Apple you care a lot about synchronization of devices in the ecosystem, being sufficient connecting with the same account iCloud so that all important content is available on all devices. Thus the pictures taken with iPhone will automatically arrive on Mac, without user action, usernames and passwords for access to applications and web sites (Keychain Access), the messages SMS / iMessage they will also be available on both devices. The same will happen with favorite websites in the browser, files stored on the Desktop and in Documents, plus many others. Many third-party applications use data synchronization iCloud.
Windows 10 offers a synchronization solution between PC and smartphone, but only for Android. Owners of iPhone are limited to synchronizing bookmarks.

Upgrade and change components Mac

In this chapter, Windows PC has a great advantage. Being devices with architecture specially designed for macOS, the hardware upgrade of a Mac it can only be done with dedicated components. I think the only component that would fit from Windows PC, it's the SSD. RAMs must be dedicated to Mac (but they do not have to be produced by Apple), as well as processors (CPUs). In addition, hardware prices for Mac I am not to be neglected at all.

The most common hardware upgrade on MacBook is hard disk / SSD and RAM. For CPU or video card, the costs are quite high, and the upgrade is recommended to be done in an authorized service Apple.

Another difference between Windows PC yes Mac, is the service. While for Windows PC you will find services everywhere, for Mac you need an authorized service Apple.

How much does one cost Mac and why it is more expensive than Windows PC?

While a decent laptop with Windows costs somewhere the 300 - 450 Euro, the cheapest Mac (MacBook Air), starts from 1.100 Eur. The high costs come from the quality of the components and of the operating system. Apple launches a major version of macOS, which all users of Mac I receive it as update free. Version of macOS which includes both the basic operating system as well as o suite of applications developed by Apple. Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Notes, FaceTime, iMovie and more.
The average lifespan of a MacBook Pro  is 6-7 years old. During this time the user is exempt from costs with the operating system and Office applications of Apple. We have a MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid. 2012) which works flawlessly with the newest macOSAfter 7 years of daily use. Although it appears "service Battery", It has an autonomy of up to 3 hours of normal use.

Although Mac it is a much more stable PC from the point of view, we do not recommend it to be bought just for the sake of having a device Apple. Before you buy a laptop or a PC, you need to know very well what you are going to use it for at least the next 2-3 years. For students, the best choice is MacBook Air. These devices are no more than 13-inches and are sufficient for internet browsing, office, movies, music.

What you need to know before moving on Windows The PC Mac? [Windows PC Vs. Mac / MacBook]

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