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How do we enable character repetition when we hold down a key on MacOS (Press & Hold Key)

Mac users know that when hold down a key more than a second, his option appears we introduce a special character. These characters vary according to keyboard language (keyboard layout) and the language in which we have the operating system interface set.

For example, if on Windows I will hold the key "U", we will get "UUUUUUU". But on the Mac, we will activate the special character set behind that key. uuuuu.

If a key does not have special characters on the back and hold down, nothing will happen.

Fortunately, Mac users can change the behavior of the keys, so that if it is held down, repeat printing the character without activating the panel special characters. That is to say, it is exactly like Windows. However, if we want to use both the special characters and the repetition of the character, the steps that need to be taken could be uncomfortable and we would lose a lot of time.

How do we enable character repetition when we hold down a key on macOS

Activating this option is not about "System Preferences", but it can be done very simply by executing it Command line in Terminal.

1. Open Terminal and execute the command line:
defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
2. Restart the operating system, then open the TextEdit (or other text editor) application and Press and hold a key, which normally would have had special characters behind it.

Character repeat speed a key can be easily changed from “System Preferences” → Keyboard → Key Repeat → Fast. It is very important that the time to repeat the action is reduced. Delay Until Repeat → “Short”.

If you want to activate again special characters, executed in Port command:
defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool true
Remember that after executing the command line you will need to restart the system to take effect the change.

How do we enable character repetition when we hold down a key on MacOS (Press & Hold Key)

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