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How to make installed applications appear in Launchpad [macOS Catalina Missing Apps Icons]

Many users who are testing macOS Catalina in the Beta version, they complained that third-party applications installed on the system are missing from Launchpad. We tested this too, and after installing it Google Chrome, Firefox and other applications, we found that the only solution to open is to browse the application folder and run them directly from there.
Let's go to the folder "Applications” and to run the applications from there, it is not really within reach. It would be much simpler if the third-party applications, installed on macOS, to appear in Launchpad.

From what it seems, this is not a Beta bug, as I initially thought. With macOS Catalina, Apple will also change the way application administration in Launchpad. Specifically, third-party applications (Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop, etc.) which will not be installed from App Store, will not be automatically present in Launchpad. They can be added by the user, dragging the application icon from the folder "Applications" over the gray Launchpad icon from Dock bar.

How to add an application installed in Lauchpad on macOS Catalina

If you are in a situation where you have installed an application from somewhere other than App Store, and you don't see the launch icon in Launchpad with the other applications, just follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Applications" folder.

2. Select and drag the icon. launch of the application over Launchpad. (Opera, in our example)

Add App to Launchpad

3. Close Launchpad and check if the application is present with other applications.

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 at 5.43.48 PM

Most likely, until the final version that is preparing to be released this fall, Apple will make changes to the Launchpad.

How to make installed applications appear in Launchpad [macOS Catalina Missing Apps Icons]

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